December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, for the record

This was a pretty chill Thanksgiving for us.  At least, in comparison to our first three Thanksgivings, 2010, 2011, 2012, which were pretty exciting as far as traveling and having a baby go. It was also Devin's first Thanksgiving without family, which was kind of sad for him.  But Jordan and Corina were very nice to invite us to his grandparent's house to eat with them here in Boise on Thanksgiving day.
1 - Apple Salad: I'm so glad I went visiting teaching earlier that week because the lady I visit gave me a recipe for a yummy fruit (apple) salad that has peanut brittle in it, which she also gave me the recipe for.  You make the peanut brittle in the microwave - so easy and so tasty!  I love making food for Thanksgiving so I was kind of sad to think of not bringing anything to a meal but I figured this was unique enough that I wouldn't be stepping on any toes and it ended up being a hit!
2 - Shopping (black friday): Corina and I went to JoAnn's at 7 am on Friday and even though I grabbed a cutting counter ticket the second I got in there, we didn't leave until 10 am.  But that's okay because we got a ton of really cute flannel for....
3 - Baby Blankets:  Corina and I also spent the rest of Friday cutting out the fabric for these cute baby blankets and I got one finished that day. 
4 - Shooting: The boys went shooting while we crafted.  Devin also changed the oil in the cars and worked on his motorcycle a little bit.  It was nice for him to have a long weekend from work!
5 - Decorating:  We've had a tree up since the weekend before Thanksgiving but I felt weird decorating it (other than lights) until after Thanksgiving.  So here is the iphone version for now:

 We were blessed to have a long weekend to spend with each other and can't wait to truly enjoy the Christmas season and all the joy that it brings!

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  1. I love your tree skirt so so so much! You are so crafty! :)