November 25, 2012


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What a week to give thanks!  
Although we have spent the entire week with a baby in the NICU, getting less than quality sleep, we HAVE a baby and she is precious.

I've been meaning to sit and blog about this week but I like to eat and sleep, which is what I do when she is sleeping.  However, we got to bring her home yesterday and couldn't be happier about that! Before I write her birth story and everything that's happened this week, I just want to mention some things that we/I am thankful for because I've never said "thank you" more times in one week!
  • Devin/Husband/Father of my child/Eternal Family: I see so many single moms out there and wonder how they do it - there is so much physical and emotional change that comes with having a baby that I am so glad I don't have to do it on my own.  Devin has been by my side all week, even staying at the hospital on a super uncomfortable makeshift bed.  I love watching him love and hold Ava and become the pro that he is at changing diapers/swaddling.  He has taken on the daddy role wonderfully!  Most of all, I am thankful to know that we are an eternal family - that these two, plus our future children, will be my family forever. 
  • Nurses/Doctors/Medicine: We are so blessed to live in a time where science and medicine is so advanced. It amazes me the things that can be done to help those who seem so close to death.  Ava was no where near the state of some babies that go to the NICU, either premature or for whatever reason.  However, had they not taken her right away, she may not have been able to fight her infection as quickly.  My labor and delivery nurse was wonderful in letting me do things at my own pace, answering all my questions, leaving me alone when I wanted, and offering me ALL my options - and not making me feel bad for getting the epidural or stupid for trying to go natural to begin with.  The nurses and Devin were SO encouraging when it was pushing time, they constantly made me feel like I could do it!  I experienced dedicated nurses in the NICU as well - being so sweet to let me sleep and just call me when she needed to be fed.  Diapers and everything else were taken care of.  They constantly offered their help without me even needing to ask.  Our pediatrician explained things as thoroughly as he could and always showed so much love for us and Ava and interest in our desires and questions.  Basically, I was extremely impressed with all of the staff at St. Luke's (Meridian, especially) - even the housekeeping/room service people were amazingly kind and respectful.  Just when I was thinking that our room was starting to smell like a hospital room, a housekeeping girl came in with a bucket of some lemony-scented goop that she poured down both sinks in the room.  It smelled wonderful!

  • Family/Friends: We have received wonderful gifts/advice from so many, making this transition much easier!  Throughout this whole pregnancy and from the moment we had her we've had people asking what they can do to be of service or offering their love/prayers. Devin's mom came to town the day after Ava was born.  Little did I know that while staying at our house she's been stock piling our fridge/freezer and cleaning!  I felt like I had done some deep cleaning things before she came, but the bathtub was one thing I didn't get to, nor did I even know how to clean it well.  I came home to a sparkling white tub, which totally made my day! (Hint: Magic eraser).  We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with Devin's immediate family, hosted by Talane's family.  They must have slaved over that meal for hours/days because it was SO delicious and we just felt so grateful to be a part of it.  Just when Devin was really ready to be out of that hospital room, he was able to get out with his dad and brothers for some guy time, which had him returning as a happy camper - especially knowing we only had one more night! I can't wait for my parents to come at Christmas time to see and hold our baby.  Even though they are far away, they constantly let us know they are thinking about us and can't wait to meet her.  Not to mention all the cute things my mom has made/sent for her leading up to the big day!  
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  1. Love these pictures of your cute family of three!

  2. Congratulations! We are so happy for you. Averi checks your blogs nearly every day to give us the updates. I hope you do take every advantage of sleep you can. It's the best advice to sleep when that sweet little one is sleeping even if you don't feel so tired then--you'll feel it later and wish you'd slept. Love from the Clarkes...

    1. You are right! I didn't take a nap during the day because I felt fine but then 9:00 hit and I wished I had :) Miss you guys!