April 9, 2014

We're Having a BOY!

Old news to most, as of two days ago, but I am feeling the need to share on all platforms :)
Healthy, and still due: August 25th
He measured about 6 days ahead though, we'll see... I won't get my hopes up

Did you want to have a boy or a girl next? - Initially we wanted boy because we've been surrounded by girls and have friends/family about to have boys.  But then we got kind of set on wanting another girl for Ava to have a little sister so close in age.  We're perfectly happy though and can't wait to see the difference that everyone talks about!
What did you think you were having? - As in mother's intuition....I seriously could not decide one way or the other but kept leaning boy because of the fact that I haven't been a single bit nauseous with this pregnancy and  emotional/hormone-crazy that I don't remember feeling with Ava.
Does Ava understand anything about it?  She's clueless. She kind of gets excited about seeing babies but doesn't understand anything about my belly or what a brother or sister means yet.  
Have you thought of any names yet? Somewhat...we definitely had more girl names than boy.  We like getting to do the name picking to fill the time between 20 and 40 weeks.  We're not in a huge rush and don't feel like picking and telling anyone this early anyway. 

Fun fact - The Neil Harper family will finally have an heir with the last name Harper.  After 10 grandchildren, this will be the first Harper boy. 

We can't wait!
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March 31, 2014

Books and a Birthday

A few more pics from last weekend in Declo...
It's always fun to read new books and to be read to by Grandma instead of Mom for a change :)

 ^^All the kids paitently waiting for cake :)
 Playing with cousins that weekend really wore her out! That, and only taking one nap every day we were there.  Too much fun to be had!

We had an early birthday celebration for Devin while we were there.  His birthday is this Wednesday, I can't believe he'll be twenty-nine! Such a fun, young-spirit at heart :) And if he's turning 29 then that means I'm turning 25 this year and THAT can't doesn't seem real. Pin It

March 27, 2014

Grandpa's Playground

As soon as we got to Declo on Friday night Devin started working with his dad on filling the square with gravel and leveling it out for the next day of hard work putting the rest of the play ground together.  Devin, his dad, and Kyler all worked out in the bitter cold and wind for probably 6 hours getting that thing put together (and Neil and Laura had already done most of the assembling in the garage that week!).

The kids were so happy when they could finally go out and play on it! My favorite is the pic of the three girls sitting in the bottom trying to hide from the wind.  Ava stood at the doorway opening and closing that door a hundred times!  She has also become obsessed with slides and trying to climb up them once she slides down. 

We're excited to try this out all summer long and so thankful for all the hard work it took to make it happen! Pin It

March 15, 2014

Ava 16 Months - Climber!

All I can say is adventure!  This last month she has become a serious climber, eater, goofball, "reader", and wants to be outside alll the time.

 If the tray is off of her high chair she will climb up on to it no problem and has gotten really fast! Then she likes to sit on the very edge with her feet on the ledge like she's going to jump just to scare me but she won't really do it because she knows she's too high. And then she couldn't stop there but had to get herself up onto the table too!
 She also loves to carry things upstairs like our pen/pencil holder that she's obsessed with. And climbing in her "potty" (i'm not potty training yet but our prime account was going to expire so we got it for when the time comes)

Kitty love - I can't tell you how many times a day I have to get after Ava for pulling the cat's tail or squeezing her too hard or putting the toy mice in her water bowl but Cece is so patient and has never tried to scratch or bite her.

She also loves it when I put that bandana on her head or she brings me multiple bows to put (all) in her hair and runs to the closest mirror to look and laugh at herself. She also sticks her tongue out when I go to wash her hands/face off after eating so that she can drink the water from my hand or she's been sticking her toes in the faucet after her bath is over and sucking the water off of them - silly girl!

She's been a great eater at meal times and has loved drinking lots of milk since her last appointment when the doctor told me she should be drinking 24-36 ounces of milk a day....say what?  Yeah we had no idea about that. She was drinking maybe 8 oz of milk and lots of water throughout the day.  I think the milk thing has helped her sleep better too!
 She's reached on her tippy toes in the pantry to get the Nutella twice now. Luckily we had strawberries to call it healthy :) 

WORDS lately...
Ava LOVES animals - she wants to run up to every dog we see even if it's ginormous! Her favorite animal to say is hippo, she alway says "BIPPO" really loud every time our animal book shows one.  We need to get her to a zoo!

She uses the word "daya" to sometimes mean Dada and sometimes it means "Ta-da!" - so cute. 

She said "side" the other day after we asked if she wanted to go outside :) 

I love that the weather is getting warmer and I can take her outside and go on bike rides (her favorite!) and play in the dirt.  Summer cannot come fast enough!  She's just been so fun and full of energy lately I feel bad keeping her cooped up in our house all day. 
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February 25, 2014


There is a lot of yardwork in our future, mainly because the previous owners did ZERO.  So we've (Devin) been spending Saturdays analyzing the yard and doing some small things now before we have our work cut out for us this spring/summer. 

 It's a nice size yard though which has been so fun for Ava to explore and we have so many windows looking out to the backyard that I can even let Ava dig around in the dirt while I...do the dishes! Yes, I let her play outside by herself yesterday for about 10 min and she didn't care where I was as long as she had some dirt and a spoon, or a stick, or a ball. 
These pictures were actually from Saturday when Devin raked up and got rid of all the leaves. She was trying to be a big helper :) We've had 50 degree weather the past 3 days - in FEBRUARY! We've already been on lots of bike rides and walks around the neighborhood. Can't wait for Spring! Pin It