March 2, 2015

February Wrap Up

For being a short month, February was pretty jam-packed for us! We've had amazing weather and I haven't had a church calling this month, giving me some extra time to focus on my family, the house, and even serving others in ways I have control over and it's been a nice little break. I can't believe how much these kids are growing and changing, I can't keep up! So here's a recap of the month so I can hopefully start a little better at regular documenting from here on out.

We got a cat named Pharoah, he's kinda crazy, very cool. Devin was on Craigslist one day and found himself in the cat section and found this little guy and couldn't help himself. Ava's obsessed but over the course of the month she's changed from chasing him because she wants to hold/pet him to chasing him to get him to run away from her or her food or something she thinks he needs to get off of. She still loves him, she's just realized she has power over something and she's exercising it at any chance she gets.

We've been doing lots and lots of Facetiming! We've also kept the playdough stuff out on Ava's table all month long and she's gotten so much better at independently playing with it. She always makes me "pancakes" and sticks toothpicks in it for candles :)

I've been budgeting our groceries and stuff this month which has also made me think more about not wasting any food and turning ingredients into multiple meals and using leftovers and also trying to eat more fruits and veggies so - I've been making a lot of smoothies lately and Ava loves it! This is my favorite one because it uses things that are in season: pears, oranges (oj), banana, kale, spinach, and we get awesome nutrients from the greens we (mostly Ava) wouldn't eat otherwise.

We don't really eat out unless we have a coupon and we also haven't had Chinese food here the whole 3 1/2 years we've lived in Boise (besides Panda Express) so when a coupon came for a Chinese buffet we've been dying to try we were THERE. It was such a fun random night out after work one day during the week. We also discovered that buffets are the BEST place to take kids! Ava loved picking out exactly what she wanted and having the food ready to eat as soon as we got nice. We actually went to Sizzler the very next night because of a gift certificate we had and Ava was so good there too, thanks to the kid salad bar! Devin also had a killer stache for a week.

We've had some milestones like Owen getting his two bottom teeth the weekend he turned 6 months AND rolling over!  Ava is also officially potty trained! It's been way smoother than I ever anticipated.

We toured the Old Idaho Penitentiary on Valentine's day - so romantic(wink)! We really weren't planning on doing anything else but we saw a Groupon for this, making it so inexpensive that it was worth paying for a babysitter to get out. We were pretty amazed by the solitary confinement building which Devin is peeking into in the pic above. So desolate and the doors were SO heavy. The buildings were full of so much metal, giving everything a really cold feeling. Sounds miserable but it really was interesting to see everything, even if Devin ignored me the whole time because he's like a kid in a candy store at these kind of things.
   We've managed to leave the kids with a babysitter about 3 or 4 times this month! It's almost addicting once you do it once and everything goes smoothly, it's like what have we been waiting for? Even better, we now know that our kids can be put to bed by someone else! Pin It

February 2, 2015

January Salt Lake Trip

A couple weekends ago we took a trip down to Salt Lake to celebrate Grandma Harper's 84th birthday with all of Devin's cousins and their families. Sadly I don't actually have pictures of the birthday celebration, but we did have a fun day in Salt Lake on Saturday before the party began.

The Trax station was a 5 minute walk from The Little America hotel where we stayed so we took it down to Temple Square and explored the visitor's centers.

It was so fun to hear stories about Grandma from her children and catch up with all of Devin's cousins. Seeing everyone together made me realize what a joy it must be to see your posterity grow and make good choices that bless their lives. She is such a wonderful example to all those around her of a hard-working, faithful woman and we love her!

And for some other random things worth documenting...

Neil and Laura must have thought they had a small army with them when they got pizza Friday night. They brought two pizzas (this size) back to the hotel for us from The Pie Pizzaria and all 8 adults and 7 kids only put a slight dent in these bad boys. Can you even tell by the spoon in the picture how big this really was?! Big or small, it was the BEST pizza I have EVER had!

After waking up multiple times in the night with Owen, Ava woke up bright and early as well, so I took her for a walk down to the lobby of the hotel so we wouldn't wake Devin and we stopped in the hallway bathroom on the way. They were so fancy and chic with granite enclosed stalls and a little sitting area so we sat and got ready for the day. As tired as I was, it was a fun little mommy-daughter moment with Ava.

There were about 20 little kids at Grandma's birthday celebration and Ava was pretty shy toward everyone at the beginning of the night but by the end she was running around having the time of her life with all the little girls. Here she is with Chris and Carlie's little girl Naomi, who has the best hair I've ever seen :) Pin It

December 9, 2014

BYU Homecoming - Part II

Friday night Devin's parents were so nice to watch all of the kids while us couples went to the Homecoming Spectacular. It ended with a grand finale of a guy flying in the air over the audience but having trouble getting him down, which is ironic because they had trouble getting him up in the first place, haha! Then we went and got ourselves some Rita's Water Ice - in PROVO! I have been craving that for so long.

Parade - Game Day

Saturday's weather was so gorgeous. The perfect warm fall day! When the marching band came by playing the fight song I became flooded with so many wonderful feelings and memories of my times here in Provo. We were so excited and ready to leave when graduation came but when I come back I miss it so much.

I hope these two little guys become great friends :) Owen and Mitt

After the parade I got to have lunch with these lovely girls! It is CRAZY to think that I hadn't seen Sarah since even before Ava was born! Best roommates I could have asked for, now we're adults with kids, real jobs, and law school.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing - we went to the Bean museum and a park in Provo to let the kids play. Talane and I also went to this cute little shop in Provo called Harmony. They had the most beautiful shelves of yarn and fabric and handmade jewelry and ribbon and pottery and all that kind of girl-y stuff :)

The game didn't start until 8:30 pm! We were so bummed when we found out because we thought it'd be way too cold for the kids but it was actually really nice! We were all just in sweatshirts or coats but never felt cold! Ava thought the game was great for about the first 20 minutes and then started getting SO tired and cranky so Devin took her back to the hotel to sleep while some of the others there listened for her. It was fun to watch the rest of the game in some peace and quiet ;) (owen slept the whole game!).  It was a good game but unfortunately we lost in the very end, 42-35 to Nevada.

Once again, thanks to Neil and Laura for setting up a great weekend and showing us a good time! Pin It

November 16, 2014

BYU Homecoming 2014 (Utah Trip), Part I

I've spent every BYU Homecoming in Provo now for the past 7 years since I was a freshman in college. The past 3 times (after graduating), here, and here, have been with Devin's family and it is a trip I look forward to all year long!


Ava was a pretty good sport for all the driving we did that weekend! We went down Thursday for Devin to meet with his cousin about marketing stuff. Meanwhile I went to IKEA to meet up with Tessa, my good childhood friend from Pennsylvania who I haven't seen in 8 years! There are a lot of people in Utah who hold such a dear place in my heart, wish I could have seen them ALL.

After IKEA I met up with Corina and we went to this yummy bakery in So. Jordan called Schmidt's, they had this really yummy toffee, Mexican wedding cookies, and lemon bars! Then we went to Gardner Village - one of my all time favorite places, especially in the fall during Witchfest! I had a birthday coupon to Archibald's so after we did some shopping the boys met up with us for dinner and it was Y-U-M. I can't NOT get their Thanksgiving dinner meal, they really know how to do comfort food.


Friday was the most BEAUTIFUL day. We did a lot of exploring, starting with Rock Canyon in Provo. It was the perfect time to see fall colors in the canyons...I miss these mountains so much!

Talane made all the girls these really cute little felt cat purses - SO fitting for all these girls and perfect for packing out leaves and fruit snacks for the hike :)

Then we ventured up the canyon some more to Heber and stopped for lunch at Granny's - oh yum! I was dying not to have my own almond joy shake (can't eat milk while nursing), it was so good (from the couple bites I had, whoops)!

I love this picture of Rose and Owen getting acquainted :) After lunch, we continued up the canyon to Midway which is one of the most beautiful places in Utah I have ever seen. We found ourselves at the Homestead Resort. They were having a fun fall display out on their grounds.

While looking at the bloody heads I told her to make a "yucky" face. I think she nailed it!

We went back to the hotel after and swam and loved on babies. Ava was so funny to watch because I forgot a swim diaper so we just used a normal diaper and boy do those swell up with water! She had quite the booty, we were cracking up as she walked back and forth from pool to hot tub.

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