June 29, 2017

Lucy's First Moments

Day One

Meeting brother, sister, Grandma and Grandpa

...and friends...

...who threw you a baby shower, brought Mom onion rings before delivery, and a meal after the hospital - thank you Perrys!

First Bath

(view of downtown Boise from the nursery)


Gave Dad a pretty good reason to celebrate Father's Day :)

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February 1, 2017

Day 3 - Torrey Pines Beach and BYU Bowl Game


Wednesday was our transition day from north of San Diego, where we were staying with Devin's cousin Michael and his wife Nicole, down to our hotel which was in Mission Valley, closer to downtown. We drove down the coast so that we could see Torrey Pines and maybe take a little hike. Unfortunately we didn't really have time to make the Torrey Pines entrance fee worth our while so we just enjoyed the free beach for a little while while Owen took a nap. Note the 15 week belly bump pic :)

We got all settled into our hotel room and I think we even went swimming before getting ready to go to the BYU game. I remember thinking we were crazy for swimming because it was cloudy and cool
(60-65 degrees maybe?). Even for a "heated" pool it was still a little chilly but the kids were so excited they didn't care! Then we got ready for the BYU game we were going to that night...

When we bought our tickets for San Diego back in August I noticed that the Poinsettia Bowl would be going on during the time that we would be there and I thought "Wouldn't that be awesome if BYU ends up playing in it?!".  We forgot about it for a while and then thought to check what bowl game they were going to about a month before our trip and sure enough - it was the one! I was SO excited. They even had a family deal pack with good seats and a hot dog and a drink for each person.

This picture documents how differently our kids experienced the game. There were fireworks before the game started that we didn't know would be happening and of course Devin was gone getting food for us when they went off, so I got to try and calm both kids who were being hysterically sad/scared of the fireworks. Thankfully Owen calmed down once they were over but Ava was so ready to go home. Getting a hot dog and drink helped a little, but then the game started and she freaked out at every loud cheer and excitement so we tried to convince her to go to sleep and thankfully she did! Owen ate his whole hot dog and spent the rest of the game saying "Fireworks ALLLLL DONE!" (until half time, when they had more fireworks ahh!). He was such a little champ though, if he wasn't sitting happily on our laps then he sat in his chair in total concentration of the game and clapping with everyone else, even just looking at the pictures with me right now he's begging me to go see "BYU football team!".

The other highlight of the game was that it was TORRENTIAL downpour almost the whole game and we just happened to have seats under the awning, which didn't actually go out very far from the food court so there were tons of people in the rain, and the uncovered seats actually ended up being pretty empty most of the game as they went and watched from somewhere under cover. Definitely feeling blessed on that one, especially with kids.

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January 29, 2017

Day 2 - Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium

        Our second full day in San Diego was a sunny one that got up into the 70s. Ava got a little obsessed with legos in the fall when she discovered the large stash that was at her grandparents house from when her uncles were kids. Even though she doesn't have any at home to play with, we heard Legoland was pretty fun for the younger crowd so we decided to give it a go. I had the map and a list of the rides and things that our shorties would be able to do at each "city".
      However, since we got there shortly after opening we weren't feeling too pressed for time. We were probably at the park for a good hour and a half before attempting to wait in line for any rides. It was so fun seeing the kids soak it all in - the many. many statues and sculptures made out of legos and the fun little stops they had as you get into the park. One of the first areas had a splash pad, a stage where these pop-star girls were singing, and a little pavilion that had bins of legos and little tables for the kids to just build for as long as they wanted. I heard people complain about paying for Legoland just so their kids could sit and play with legos all day but honestly, I loved it! Devin and I just sat on the bench right near them and relaxed while the kids were in lego heaven.

Some other fun little "stop and play areas" included a dino dig sand pit that Owen never wanted to leave, and giant block building near the boats. You technically aren't allowed to bring food in, so we left a cooler in the car which I ran back to get for lunch outside the gates. While walking to the car I saw an amazing parking spot right by the entrance so I hurried and re-parked our car before Devin got there with the kids and was thrilled that no one had taken it before I got there. The kids ran around on a grassy hill between bites and it was a great little break. Since the water park isn't open in December we decided to do the Sea Life Aquarium add-on to break up the day and I am SO glad we did - Owen was obsessed! He could have spent the whole day there.
   Once through the doors, there are lots of really cool things to see along the hallways that lead you to the big fish tank - we loved the big jelly fish exhibit and the little outdoor lego building/anenome touching spot. But the big fish tank was amazing and we got to be there during feeding time. Owen was pretty obsessed with the sharks. In fact, at the end of the day Ava was begging to play with some more legos so we split up so that Devin could take her to a lego building pavilion and I took Owen back over to the aquarium and he loved the freedom to go and look at whatever he wanted.

The longest line we waited in was for this boat ride, it was about a 30-45 minute wait. The wait was pretty unenjoyable, especially in the hot sun but the kids sure liked feeling like the drivers of a real boat! Owen would NOT let me touch the wheel...needless to say we ended up backwards a couple times! He was pretty obsessed with this giant whale fin that we passed :)

Devin perfectly captured the nose pick + wipe LOL *eyeroll*

I was amazed at how well Ava handled all that we were doing that day without needing a nap. She really loved this place so much. Owen thankfully DID take a snooze in the stroller while Ava enjoyed lots of rides (and slides! ^^) that he was too little for. The look of pure joy on her face during most of the rides is just worth the whole trip!

It is still kind of surreal to remember that we were there at Christmas time because of how warm those days were and how little my mind was occupied with presents, etc. but I loved all the little reminders around us like this awesome tree that we got to watch light up at dusk. Needless to say, this was the kids favorite day of the trip and Ava constantly asks to go back! Pin It