December 7, 2013

First Snow 2013

We woke up to a beautiful 3+ inch dusting this morning!  Ava's snowsuit has been hanging in the closet waiting for this day!

Ready to go
 I took Ava out to our back patio because it was so windy and snowing still and the apartment blocked it a little.  We only stayed out for a couple minutes because of the wind, but she got to experience a little bit!
  ^^Sitting snow angel :)
 ^^ Human shovel. (crawling)
I love a pile of snow-wet clothes thawing out in a warm house.  True sign of winter!
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  1. Oh my gosh. Kids in snow suits...I die of cuteness. One time I creepily took a picture of a little Asian kid in a snow suit on the bus. Anyway, you have a cute child (which doesn't happen to everyone...)! Reproductive success!