November 29, 2010


FINALLY! Although we didn't make it to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, we DID get ourselves out of cold, snowy Utah :)  We were so grateful to be spending the holiday in Colorado at Devin's uncle's house, even if it took almost 8 hours to get there.
The week started out great, celebrating Grandma Dedrickson's 74th birthday on Wednesday (who looks very young for her age, mind you).  Then, TURKEY DAY finally arrived!  Lots of cooking was going on, thanks to Jill - our lovely hostess.  To keep the rest of us girls busy...

Heather brought all the essentials to make some sweet turkeys!  There were one of these at each of the place settings and they made the table look darling.  As you can see: two oreos, a reese's for the body, some candy corn for the feathers, a whopper for the head, sprinkles for the eyes, candy corn tip for the beak, and frosting to hold everything together and decorate :) Such a fun idea! 
After a good ol' western movie for the boys and some rounds of Bananagrams, we were ready to eat!

None of us were crazy enough to wake up early on Friday to go shopping, but we did venture out around 10:30 a.m. and the parking lots were STILL packed! 
By around 2:00 we were already beat, but the success was worth it :)

For the past little while, Devin and I have discussed our attraction for Colorado and have talked about being okay with ending up there some day.  Of course when Uncle Mark got word of this, he started persuading us with everything he could think of to seriously consider it :)  Pretty much everything worked, like the beautiful mountain scenery, awesome weather, great balance in population of LDS members, the surprising cleanliness of Denver, a pretty low sales tax of 5% (ha), etc.  The only drawback we could think of was that...we're not a huge fan of their sports teams, which is kind of important. 
Well, we went to a Denver Nuggets game anyway :) It was actually pretty fun, and we even saw our friends Jordan and Corina who were also spending the weekend in Denver :)

Both teams were neck and neck during the second half of the game, the Chicago Bulls being ahead for most of it.  However, the "thuggets", as Devin calls them, pulled through at the very end for a winning buzzer shot :(
Well, we had to head back Saturday morning to beat the heavy snow coming through Utah.  Big difference from the mid-50 degree weather we were feeling in Denver!  Anyway, the trip was the perfect break and we loved being with all the family we could. 
We're thankful to be alive, healthy, and surrounded in some way or another by people we love!

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  1. Yay good pictures! I'm going to have to steal some from your blog since I didn't pull out my camera very much. It was so good to see you guys! We're glad you made it back safe and sound to UT . . . hopefully some of that snow melts soon.

  2. Aw, thanks! We're so glad we could see you, I'll e-mail you that one of you and David in front of the stadium tomorrow :)

  3. We are so glad you came to Denver! It was so fun to hang out with you guys! Love the shopping pic!

  4. Yeah! If you want the picture, you can click on it so it brings it up by itself on the page, and then right click and "save as pic..." or something like that. It won't work if you just right click and do that straight from our blog. If that doesn't work, e-mail me :)