Meet The Harpers

Hey! So we're not blabbermouths, but since you clicked on the About page, we'll tell you a little bit about ourselves. We met while attending Brigham Young University and were married on August 14, 2010 in Bountiful, UT. We welcomed a new addition to our family in November, 2012.

Devin grew up in Declo, ID, works for Nifty Marketing, communications grad, plays the guitar/piano/organ/penny whistle and listens to indie rock and sometimes metal, fishing and hunting adventurist, hunting and gunning enthusiast, makes me laugh, my favorite poet, excellent cook - especially breakfast.

Claire is from Coatesville, PA. She's a mother and has a part-time stay at home job, graduated in Early Childhood Education, loves her Nikon D80 camera and making things for her home, loves alternative music, finds beauty in almost everything, excellent cook and good listener.

Ava was born in Boise, ID. She laughs at mom, dad and whoever will pay attention to her, talks to herself, plays with mom's hair, loves being in water and playing outside. She gets her blue eyes from Devin's mom, we think.

Through The Years... 

Blind date. Fro yo. Tennis. Billiards. $1 movies. J Dawgs. Guitars. Honda Civic. Rice Krispy Treats. Salt Lake City. Costumes. International cinema. Poems. French. Biking. Moab. Chocolate Rain. French Toast. Dicounts. Camping. Arrested Development. Idaho. Snowboarding. Bling. Philadelphia. People watching. Temples. Florida. Hobo Spiders. Guns, Guns and Guns. Sweet Pork Burrito. Ballers. Modern Family. Paddle ball. Buses. Alaska. Gamers of every kind. Dutch oven. NYC. Whitewater rafting, Seinfeld, Boise Greenbelt, Goodwill.
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