November 26, 2013

Us Three and a Tree

The three of us headed up to Banks/Lowman area on Saturday to get our Christmas tree! I'm SO not a Christmas before Thanksgiving kind of person. Pretty against it actually - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  BUT this is the latest Thanksgiving ever which means much less time to celebrate Christmas afterward, so I wanted to do the tree this last weekend so that I can do all the other Christmas decorating when Thanksgiving is over.  

Tree hunting: It was a perfect day - we were alone up in the mountains, the sun was shining, and the holidays were upon us.  Ava and I hung out in the sun while Devin walked around in search of the one on this incredibly steep hillside.  

THE TREE: We didn't find one in that spot so we got back in the truck and drove some more.  Every 5 seconds - "ooh look at that one!" followed by one of the following: "no, too bare, too tall, too fluffy, too wide...".  Until we saw it.  And then we kept going in case there was a better one.  Oh the driving we did only to come back to that one and love it all over again!!   Also, the permit was only $10  - totally worth it!

I'll post pictures of the tree after Thanksgiving since we aren't decorating it until then :)

Best lunch: Kit's Riverside Restaurant in Horseshoe Bend
We stopped for lunch at a place we went to with friends on our way home from camping about 6 months ago.  The waitress REMEMBERED US!  As soon as we walked in she said "Back again? Not camping this time, I see!".  She remembered us being in a big group with a couple other little girls and she said what a good baby Ava is and remembered her being really happy last time too.     What the...for real? 

Anyway, she was such a good waitress - brought Ava free mashed potatoes and saltine crackers and played and laughed with her.  Devin's hamburger was huge and delicious and my taco salad was ENORMOUS and colorful and fresh and delicious.  She gave Ava a lollipop and we all left so happy. 

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  1. I kind of want to go cut down our own tree now. Except we're not going to be home for Christmas :( so we're not going to get a big tree. Maybe just a little baby one...

    1. I meant to add that the permit to cut it was only $10! Way cheaper than any farms. We would have probably done a fake one but we have nowhere to store one. Can't wait for you to come!