November 19, 2013

Ava's BirthDAY!

Ava's First Birthday!   
November 18, 2013
Best Monday ever!  I was so happy for Ava all day in anticipation for that evening that I think it helped her be in a good mood too.  I really need to have a better attitude on Mondays...

She helped me make soup for dinner and soft pretzels for her party that night...all before her morning nap!  Basically, she tore apart every cupboard and drawer while I cooked but she was happy so that's all that mattered.  And we listened to Disney music the whole time which definitely helped!

Ava LOVES to be outside.  This car was a present from Devin's parents.  We put it together Sunday night so she could play in it on her birthday and she loves it! She couldn't ride past the play ground without wanting to go down and get dirty.


  Madison and Holland came to celebrate with us along with Leighton and Kelsey, who came later.  It was cute to see all the little girls eating their treats together :)  We had a soft pretzel "bar" and cupcakes and juice.
Thank you Aimee and Nicole for the adorable owl dress!!
 Yes, we put an open flame in front of our child.  haha! She was so mesmerized by it and luckily never tried to grab it :) Then the party moved to the floor:

We didn't go crazy giving her presents since she probably won't remember, we're limited on space in our apartment, and Christmas is just around the corner....  But there were a few things we knew she'd really like:

We've yet to get Ava any toys for the bathtub so while looking, she fell in love with this in the store so I knew we had to get it.  It was a hit that night in the tub while getting the cake remnants cleaned off ;)
Her favorite books have flaps so we got her a counting book that each page has a flap that opens to show some type of animal (she also loves animals).  She just sat there and flipped through the book for a while after opening it! 
   That bow in her hair is also a gift from the Dennings - so sweet.  She looks like such a big girl with it!

[I have yet to get really sad and weepy about Ava getting older.  I love her more as she gets older - she is so fun! So, I guess I would be really sad if she was my last baby because they are just so precious, but I can't help but be excited to watch Ava grow up.]
Now all she needs to do is walk and I think we may officially have a toddler on our hands!!

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  1. Even though I saw her a week ago- it looks like she has grown up even more. I loved everything about this post! And that OWL dress looks beautiful on her! Love her! :)

  2. Ava looked so stinkin' cute on her birthday! It was fun to come and celebrate with her! And those pretzels were delicious! I'm actually not a pretzel fan at all but I LOVE your pretzels!! One of these days I'll have to get the recipe from you!

  3. aww. such a cutie.. happy birthday to her