May 31, 2013

Memorial Day 2013 | Camping

Tuck and Koa

                                                                                    Ava                                                                                  Holland
As you can see, we had this awesome portable high chair that all the girls (and parents, obvi) loved! My mom sent it to us for Ava's half birthday - which was the perfect timing for how much we plan to use it this summer!
Devin and Patrick rocked the tin foil dinners while the girls made the peach cobbler in the dutch oven.  No to self (actually, Devin): don't leave tin foil dinner on chair, unattended, near carnivorous canines. Or if the said canines are going to be tied up anyway, tie them up away from your food. 

The high the day we were there was only about 58 so the night time was chilly! However, Devin bought a "Buddy Heater" before we went, so our tent stayed nice and warm. Oh how I loved that heater!  We slept on our air mattress with Ava in between us.  I had her pjs layered pretty good, then Emma let me borrow the adorable little fleece bear suit seen below to put over her pjs.  THEN we put her in Devin's North Face down vest - it was like her own little sleeping bag :) She was nice and toasty and slept SO good! 
This is Ava waking up at 7 am, such a happy camper :)
Race, Emma, and Holland were in our tent with us, so these girlies were so happy to see that they had a friend to play with in the morning!

We forgot a spatula for the eggs/sausage in the morning so Patrick made a makeshift spatula out of tin foil wrapped around our saw.  Genious!

^^Sleepy girls going on a walk to the hot springs
There were hot springs just a short walk away from our campsite! There were some small pools and then one larger pool that you had to wade through the chilly river to get to , but so worth it because it had this amazing waterfall that showered hot water down on you in large droplets.  Amazing!

The campground was called Pine Flats and we loved it because we could hear the river from where we were.  All we had to do was walk a couple yards from the fire and look down the hill to the river.  It was close to where we were rafting, had a nice fire pit, outhouse, and not too many other campsites so it was really quiet!
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  1. I love your pictures of camping! So beautiful and it looks like you have a great time. That is so brave that you take Ava with you--I think the reason we haven't tried going camping for YEARS it that we just assume our kids wouldn't sleep well. Way to go! Can't wait to see you guys soon,

    1. We figured the only way to get her to sleep well while camping was to do it and see! We definitely don't want her to keep us from doing it, so we'll try anything :)