April 5, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Even though the kids aren't in school yet, we had our own little spring break and went to Declo on a Wednesday night so that Devin could take off early the next morning with his Dad to head to Moab for a couple days of dirt biking with Garrett and Derek. Meanwhile, the kids and I stayed and hung out with Laura. We hadn't even seen them since the beginning of January so it was a sweet reunion, especially with how much these kids have changed and grown!

We had some beautiful weather for playing on the play set and joining Grandma on her morning walk.

Owen lasted longer than I thought in the gravel before he tried to eat it. He loved lifting it up and letting it fall between his fingers. It was once his hands started getting sweaty that he'd see gravel stuck to his hand and didn't know any other way to get it off than to try eating it. He is also the most flexible fat baby I've ever seen. He is always bending himself in half from sitting up to face and tummy on the floor (like he's almost doing a couple pictures up)! 

The Guys in Moab:

^^Is it just me or does Devin look like a power ranger? :)

They had fantastic weather! Got down there Thursday afternoon, hit up some trails, then repeat all day Friday. It was so fun that Derek was able to get the day off to join them on Friday and Saturday morning. They even fed themselves well with breakfast burritos and dutch oven 7 up chicken, impressive! Marissa and her family happened to be down there at the same time and let the guys come shower at their hotel Friday night - lucky! This was a great way for Devin to finish year 29!

We spent Thursday in Pocatello and Friday in Twin Falls. The kids were troopers during all the shopping and long car rides. I think bribing Ava with ice cream helped ;) We got to try Culver's hamburgers and ice cream - delicious!! We had the turtle sundae and their caramel was so yummy.


Not a great quality picture but I had to include this because Ava warmed up so much to Great Grandma Harper this trip and kept sitting in her lap to read books. On the way to her house Ava kept saying "I love Grandma Harper" and was just so happy to be at her house. 

We also made a stop in Burley at Gossner's - my favorite! I love going in and trying their sample cheeses and spreads with crackers and different flavored milks. (Did I mention I like dairy?) I usually leave with a bag of cheese curds and this time we also got some ice cream (thank you Grandma!). 

After we ate some lunch at home we went back out to Burley to catch an afternoon showing of Cinderella. Well, the kids both fell asleep on the way to the theatre so Laura carried Owen's carseat in and I carried Ava's car seat in - with her still asleep in it! It fit perfectly next to me in the theatre and she stayed asleep for about the first 45 minutes. When she woke up she was very still and just stared wide-eyed at the movie without saying anything or looking over at me. This was about 5 minutes before the fairy godmother did her big transformation, then right after the old, ugly, fairy godmother turned herself into a beautiful sparkly magical lady, I hear Ava's cute little voice say "wooow!". 

I can't say enough good things about that movie - loved loved loved the messages and scenery and acting. "Have courage and be kind." I can't think of a better motto for life.

The kids had a fun little Easter egg hunt in the back yard - Wynn and Ava getting their own little corner of the yard to seek :) Laura also found a bunch of fun mugs to give to each of the kids. Ava loved the monkey one she got and Owen loves his soft little wind up car.

This pic of Owen and Mitt is priceless. Can you tell Owen isn't used to a lot of kids all around him?

We also got to celebrate Devin turning 3-0! 

With his request of "lemon dessert", like a mix between lemon bars and lemon meringue pie. Whatever it is, it's a Lion House recipe so you know it's good!

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  1. Such fun pictures! I can't wait to see Cinderella. I need to go see it. I think I'm allowed to say this because I have a chunky baby too, but how long until Owen passes Ava in weight?

    1. Haha I think she's got another 4-5 pounds on him...I just wish he carried his weight as well as she does - he's an armful!! And yes you HAVE to see Cinderella! And in the theatres!