March 23, 2015

2 year old Ava

Ava is almost 2.5 years old and I haven't documented much of what this smart little cookie is like!
I know toddler independence can be a love/hate thing but so far it's been pretty great. She can dress herself for the most part, including underwear or pullup - which is sometimes very funny if she hasn't magically found the right holes on the first try. She's also playing for longer periods of time by herself with things like blocks or other activities I set up for her but those are few and far between and she really just plays so much better when she has a friend over who is interested in her toys. Otherwise she is ALWAYS asking "I play ma phone?". "I watch yiyeos".

Ava helps with everything - washing the car, changing Owen's diaper, measuring/stirring/pouring, unloading the dishwasher (her job is putting silverware in the silverware drawer and she actually puts it all in the right spot!), she feeds the cat, picks Owen's boogers, helps put the wet laundry into the dryer, puts the fruit in our smoothies, gets in her swing by herself, and gets the mail. She also likes to drag her little chair to any place she can't reach something like the dvd player and starts her own movies. But that has resulted in her favorite one getting really scratched so we're done with that!

FOOD: Her favorite vegetable is broccoli and she always drags the tub of coconut oil out of the pantry and gets a spoon out of the drawer then asks me for some "cococut oil". Her morning requests are always "smooeys" (smoothies) which usually have kale or flax seed or chia seeds in them or "muttins" (muffins), which are some orange-bran muffins we made a bunch of one day together and froze. Green smoothies and raisin bran are about my only hope of getting some really good stuff in her. She's a soda girl and won't pay attention to anything else if someone's got a soda they're not sharing with her. She always asks for "two drinks".

Whenever I tell Ava we're going to church she says "I play toys, I cry" - basically telling me she's already planning on crying when I drop her off at nursery. But lately when we talk about it, she comes to the realization that "mom came back!" and it'll be ok which has also helped with babysitters. She's scared of large walking stuffed characters but loves to touch bugs and lizards and snakes and ginormous dogs and the list goes on of things that she's NOT afraid of that she probably should be.

The other day she brought me the broom and mop shown above and held it like that and said "I made an x!". She's really impressed me with her letters and numbers lately. She can identify all the letters of the alphabet and sing most of the ABC song and can count to 12 independently and is always counting things around her. When I go to write her name on a project she'll tell me what letters to write, luckily here name is easy! She also loves to categorize things as mommy, daddy, baby, grandma, and grandpa. Like when she swings she always says stuff like "mommy tree, daddy tree, baby tree", etc. The funniest is when she does the same after going potty. Just replace the word "tree" with "poop" and there you have it.

^As soon as she hears the organ start to play at church she gets out the hymn book and flips from page to page while we sing. If she can make out the words we are singing she will copy after us.

Favorite Ava sayings:
-"I have fruit snacks? Yeah? Okay!", "Owie you want binky? yeah? okay!", "kitty wanna go outside? yeah? okay!"

-"I say NO socks!, I say YES socks!". This came about one day when Devin told her to put socks on and she said no and he got silly and asked what did you say? and she said "I say no socks" and he said "I say yes socks!" and so now Devin will just randomly say to her, "I say yes socks!" and she responds like above and they go back and forth :)

-"My awake". Whenever it should be "I'm" she says "my".

-"I go crazy!" - she always says this when she's being silly or she says her hair is crazy and it cracks me up everytime. Mostly because she says crazy like "greazy"

-"Witty wah" = She wants me to sing Mary had a little lamb. She loves that song, along with twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, and Elmo Song (I recently was able to download a customized sesame street theme song that elmo sings and he says Ava's name in it).

-"I not go pee underwear evermore" (As she shakes her index finger). She says "evermore" about a lot of things when she means anymore

-Devin has been teaching Ava to say protein and complex carbohydrates to where she can now have the following conversation:
D:"What do eggs have?" A:"protein!" D:"What do beans have?" A:"Compex, carbo, hydrates!"

-She asks "Why??" after everything - usually when we ask her to do or not to do something

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  1. Great updates! I love the complex carbohydrates. That's hilarious! Also, that's awesome that she knows all of her letters. We have a long way to go with Reagan.