April 8, 2015

Darrington Zoo

Ava had been asking to go to the zoo all week long but since we were in Declo we decided to show her some farm life instead. We actually thought we were just going to see the bunnies at the house of someone at Devin's parents' church. They also run a dairy and we happened to get there right in time for "chores" so we got to follow Val around the entire dairy and see all the animals!

He let Ava pick all the eggs out of the little boxes where the hens lay and they filled a perfect dozen container so he let us take them home! Here they are, fresh as they come:

Ava's pretty fearless around animals. Loved being in there with all those chickens (they could have cared less that we were in there with them), almost let the bunny nibble her finger off, and loved their huge friendly dog!

See that smiling face up there? First of all, this guy is so so nice. Second, I'm sure it made his day to see us girls walking through the milking house (yes I just made that up) all over a floor covered in manure in our cute shoes. I should have shoveled some up to bring home to our garden.

Then we got to follow him over to the pig stall. Luckiest pigs I ever did see - those buckets full of fresh milk were for them!

Making a fun stop like this on the way home from the movies is definitely a small farm town perk! Ava still talks about the pigs and the bunnies and the eggs :) Pin It

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