March 19, 2015

Cat Dog

Anyone remember that show "Catdog"? I just remember hating it...but it's the best description for this post because we HAVE a wanna-be-dog...that's a cat.

Here are the dog-like traits he possesses:

1. Plays Fetch

Crumpled up pieces of paper are his favorite. He chases it all around the house, batting and flinging it with his paws/claws and then carries it back to you in his mouth and drops it at your feet!
   The best story was when we went to bed late one night and it was finally midnight when we had lights off and were falling asleep when I hear this rustling and the cat has jumped on our bed with a paperball in his mouth and drops it right in between mine and Devin's head.  He even started nudging it towards Devin's face. So Devin threw it off the bed and he went crazy for it and brought it right back, nudging Devin's hand with his nose to throw it again - unbelievable.

2. Begs to go outside/takes a leash

    Devin seriously has to "take the cat out" (on a leash) once every day. It's his own fault...I warned him what would happen if the cat ever got let out. He meows constantly next to any door, especially when he knows someone is outside and he didn't get invited.

3. Steals food
    Most cats I know eat and sleep and aren't too picky about what they eat either. This cat is kinda finnicky about his dry cat food. It's like he will eat it if there's nothing better around...which leads to another good story.
   Devin was making a turkey sandwich on the counter and turned his back. When he turned back around the cat was pulling turkey off of his sandwich and darted off the counter, the little sneak. If he wasn't so fast he would've gotten a whoopin.

4. A man's best friend
    He loves Devin. Devin's been putting Ava to bed a lot of nights lately and the cat follows them upstairs and just sits in one place by the door to Ava's room and meows until Devin comes out, which means I usually have to go up a couple times and carry him back downstairs. One time I tried to barricade the hallway and ended up having to guard it myself to keep him from going up. He also is just like Ava in that he whines and whines after Devin comes home from work until he finally gets some attention from him.

And let me tell you how almost every time I walk into a room, one of the heater vents looks like this. He just pulls them out and leaves them like this. 

Thankfully, he doesn't shed much or stink and he's definitely not fat. His agility is impressive and fun to watch when he's playing around the house. He likes to be around us but doesn't always beg for attention. But I'm sure he'd be pretty pleased if Ava didn't exist...

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  1. This is all hilarious. Especially the leash part. Haha!