November 16, 2014

Where Did Fall Go?

I haven't blogged since September...that's how busy this fall has been! October was JAM packed but I'm glad I had more time to do those fun things than sit and blog anyway. I've given up on being a serious blogger but I still plan to do it for the sake of printing yearly books so I will apologize in advance for the backtracking I'm going to be doing by posting things in the next week that date back to October.

But we currently have SNOW! Before Thanksgiving! So if you're like me and wish fall lasted a little longer, then maybe you'll enjoy seeing some recaps of October :)  Anyway, here are some pics from lately...

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1 comment:

  1. Jordan's grandparents said that they got 10 inches last weekend! Doesn't make me too excited for Thanksgiving... we only have little splotches in our yard.