November 16, 2014

Owen - 3 months

Owen is a really content baby. Lots of people tell me they can't believe they've never heard him peep! The things that make him cranky are being in his bouncer for too long or being hungry, or being tired. I'm slowly distinguishing the hungry cry and the tired cry...

He goes about every other week sleeping totally through the night from about 7-7. I usually put him down around 7 and then go in and feed him before we go to bed, at like 11. Sometimes it gets him through to morning, sometimes he wakes up at 5 to eat, it's kind of random whether or not he'll wake up that one time.

He still loves bath time and is smiling so much more when I talk to him now. Especially during church, if I hold him on my lap and sing or talk to him, he is a big coo-er. It's my favorite stage!

His tummy still gets upset when I have milk, which is kinda rough for me. No milk chocolate (Semi-sweet is ok!), cream cheese, sour cream, milk, creamy soups, butter (I use smart-balance). But cheese is ok!! gosh that would be awful.

He is also starting to love watching Ava do things, I'll do another post about just the two of them - I love how much Ava loves him!! Pin It

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