September 19, 2014


Thank you Krispy Kreme for giving us a reason to dress up like pirates (Happy National "talk like a pirate day")!  Even if Ava looks like she's been shipwrecked (but still hanging on to her hook), Owen looks like a squid, and I still look preggo - we looked pirate-y enough to get a dozen donuts...EACH! Yep, THREE dozen. even Owen with his orange bandana and makeshift eye patch.  And here's a better (said very loosely) picture of his get up.

best mates.
(yes, they're eating cookies, not donuts. I guess Oreo's new "caramel apple" flavor was more intriguing)

We met up with Emma and her girls to go to Krispy Kreme and then over to our husbands' work to bring them donuts and have lunch.  Their office is this old house in the woods with a beautifully landscaped yard where these girls love to just run and play.  I couldn't get over how they both kept a cookie in one hand during the entire hour we were there, all while climbing rocks and throwing grass, etc.  Also, Holland had the coolest little pirate outfit on. One that Emma's mom sewed for their family's dress up box/halloween when she was little!  Gotta love those things that survive to be enjoyed by the next generation.

All pics of the girls taken with Emma's phone, thanks Emma!
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  1. That top picture is great! I love Ava's face! Hilarious.

  2. You three looked so cute!! And thanks for telling us about it! You always know about the best activities!