September 16, 2014

Owen - ONE month

From 7.5 lbs and 19.5 inches at birth you now weigh at least 10.5 lbs and are 22.5 in long!  Holy moly you are a growing boy!  I've already started putting you in size 1 diapers and you don't fit in many of your newborn size clothes anymore. Your daddy was the same way as a baby - I hope you continue to develop more of his traits as you grow!

You rarely cry but boy do you grunt! Your grunts are so funny because some sound like you are laughing :)  You also do rhythmic cooing in your sleep and it's just the sweetest.

Speaking of sleep, you are a total sleepyhead! Thankfully you have your day and night pretty well figured out so that when you've finished eating at night time you fall right back to sleep for 3-4 more hours (which feels more like 3-4 minutes to me).  So, you wake up an average of 2 times a night and then right about the same time Ava wakes up in the morning and you are awake for most of the morning which is fun!  You also must be plotting something ( a good something) with Ava because you end up taking a nap at the same time as her, most days.  Mommy thanks you!!

Ava loves you so much.  Whenever she comes home from somewhere she has to know where "baby" is.  If she is saying by to anyone in the room, for leaving the house or going to sleep, she has to include you in her round of kisses before she leaves or she has a fit :) Dad hasn't gotten to spend a whole lot of time with you because she needs lots of attention right now too and you keep me nice and busy with all your eating and pooping.  But Dad is sure excited to see you grow and be able to take you on adventures with him.   You don't seem to mind your sister's high pitched screams or laughing or really anything she does for that matter.  I'm sure that will change...

You don't like to be left alone much when you are awake.  You either need to be nice and swaddled or held by someone.  Thankfully you like the Solly Baby Wrap pretty well, so I put you in there sometimes when I'm cooking or cleaning or when we go on a walk.  Makes me feel pregnant again :)

So far you've been to church, the grocery store, the fabric store (where you had your first blowout), the aquarium, the park, the library, and the doctor.  It's so nice that you were born in the summer so I don't have to worry as much about you getting sick and stuff!

I think you look the most handsome when you are wearing light blue, maybe that's just because most of your clothes are light blue and you look so handsome all the time! You do spit up more than Ava did, but nothing crazy.  You just love to eat!  Nursing has sure helped mommy too - the bigger you get the smaller I get, so eat up ;) I do feel quite lucky for that.

The only time you used to cry was when getting a bath and when getting your diaper changed.  Now you cry if your diaper needs to be changed, and mostly grunt your way through it.  You pee pretty much every time I change you but I've learned that when you take a break to stop crying or grunting, that's when you're going to pee so I hurry and get ready for it.  Thankfully you're not doing your triple poops in one diaper change anymore.  I think you hated baths because we were just sponge bathing you but now that your body can be immersed, you love to have the water run over you and are so calm during bath time!

We're so happy to have you in our family! Pin It

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