June 26, 2014

Weekend in Cascade: Ryan Shupe at the Payette River Games

   Cascade is such a funny little town.  I keep wanting to think it's charming because it's small and you have places like the drugstore above lined with beautiful flowers and a fire hydrant dalmatian outside.
    But then there's the D9 grocery store where Devin and I used the restroom which ended up being in their dingy basement and looked like no one had used them for 10 years.  Or the pawn shop that is literally STUFFED with crap stuff. Like a random case of Jujifruit candies that expired 2 years ago, all sorts of tools, overstock Christmas tablecloths, and books/VHS that are just spilling off the shelves. 
   Not to mention, the weekend of the Payette River Games was bringing a LOT of people to town, yet all the stores were CLOSED by 6:00!  How dumb are they to not take advantage of that kind of business?  A lot more dumb than Tackle Tom's here who was basically the only place open:

When we found out that Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband were going to be playing after the Payette River Games we knew we had to go!  They came and played at BYU in 2009 when Devin and I were dating and we went to their show and have been big fans ever since!

We got there early enough to catch some of the Paddleboard competitions of the river games which I had no idea had even become a competitive thing but so cool to watch.

Ava was in heaven with the large grassy area for watching the concert, but mostly loved running up and over the hill to play in the rocks on the other side. 

Ava stayed put for a total of about 1 minute before she HAD to get out and chase a dog or simply run with the wind in her hair or go stand by some random person's chair and stare at them for a while. I got a lot of exercise that night!

Now every time she even sees a PICTURE that I took of this band she stops what she's doing and dances in place.  That's just what great entertainers they are! They really have a great way of getting the audience involved and their music is just really fun and upbeat.  Not to mention it was the perfect weather for a night on the lawn.

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  1. I'm not sure if my last comment actually went through. Haha. Anyway, this looks like it was so much fun! I wish we could have come!