June 20, 2014

Everything's a Growing!

My pictures are horribly edited but I've been wanting to do a post on our garden and plants for a while now and just need to do it!

We planted everything from seed, which explains why we had to replant some things last week because some things just didn't grow (or the dang birds came and ate the seeds!).  While weeding we dug out the row of carrots and peas and replanted all of them so it's funny to have big bean plants that have been growing for a while now and little peas sprouting next to them.

We also replanted corn because out of the 16 we originally planted, only ONE grew. You'll notice two of the tomato plants are quite a bit bigger than the others also, those ones I started indoors in March or something. Replanted our basil and jalapeno and our red potatoes never grew either so we might just leave that space for the squash to take over.


This raspberry bush happened to be here when we moved in.  We haven't done a single thing to it - no water or pruning or anything, so I didn't expect to see any berries this year.  When Ava and I went out yesterday there were some even ready to pick! Ava was pretty disappointed that there weren't more than 5 to eat though haha Pin It


  1. I've been wanting to blog about our garden too! I love that you put the name of the plant on the picture. I hadn't thought of that for some reason! Those raspberries look yummy!

  2. I love your garden! And that raspberry plant is awesome!! I want some fresh raspberries! I can't wait to have a garden someday!! :)