July 1, 2014

Weekend in Cascade: Boating on the lake

Our friends, the Pratchetts, just recently moved to Donnelly, ID which is on one side of Lake Cascade.  We stayed the night there after the Ryan Shupe concert so that Devin could go early morning fishing with a friend bringing his boat up Saturday morning.  I didn't want to go out on the boat that early so Ava and I hung out at the house until lunch time.  The view from their house is BEAUTIFUL.  I took the picture above from just out their back yard.

This is their dog, Tuck.  He looks scary to a lot of people who don't know him but he is a super chill dog and really patient with the kids - and Ava is in love with him.  Here she is trying to put a helmet on him :) Ava also loved their big backyard with room to run and a trampoline to jump on!


It was so nice of Duane to come back and pick me and Ava up around lunch time to come out on the boat with them.  It wasn't 15 minutes of being on the boat in Devin's arms before Ava was sound asleep...and stayed that way for a little over an hour!  Made it really nice to enjoy the ride.

Duane works for an RV/Boat company and had this fishing boat he wanted to test out.  Devin was in heaven on that "Custom Weld"!  Duane even brought some ribs and chicken for lunch that he warmed up on the motor all morning >> genious! Unfortunately the fish were NOT biting, not for anyone out on the lake that day.  At least it was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery and Ava thought being on the boat was the coolest thing ever.

Before heading back to dock we stopped at a beach/sand area for Ava to get out and play.  Somebody's dog was also there that we played catch with forever using sticks and pine cones and Ava thought it was so funny to watch him jump in the water to get it and bring it back.

Basically, we're loving summer!
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  1. That's awesome that Ava fell asleep! I can see how that would make it more enjoyable!

  2. Beautiful pictures by the way!