May 29, 2014

Grimes Creek Camping Day 2

Good morning! It didn't get as cold on Friday night as we thought it would and ended up roasting in our tent.  Mainly Ava, at 2:30 in the morning who was ready to be out of her covers and just lay on top of me all night :) 

Then she was up at 6:30 wanting to explore the tent and wake us both up. Normally this would have driven me CRAZY but something about being in the mountains with no other responsibilities made it so easy for me to be patient with her and I was happy to get up and start the day.  So, we let dad sleep while we ate bagels, cream cheese, and fruit for breakfast.

My parents got us this portable high chair last spring and we have LOVED having it.  It's the best for camping, especially! Ava loves having her own cup holder.  See pics of it last memorial day HERE.

After eating breakfast, playing, and finally feeling woken up we took a little stroll along the river that led us to an awesome little beach area...with more rocks!

We talked about whether or not we'll get a camper or pop up trailer someday and for now we are just so happy to be able to pull into any spot with Devin's truck and rough it for the night.  Ava seriously loves being in the tent and we've discovered that finding a place with water is a must with her.  We wouldn't have been able to get into the spot we did had we been pulling a trailer, so while we have little ones this feels like the way to go! Pin It


  1. So many fun and beautiful pictures! I wish we could go camping with you guys! I really like that top picture.

  2. Your camping adventures look like so much fun! I guess it's time for Race and I to buy a tent so we can join you sometime this summer!