May 29, 2014

Grimes Creek Camping Day 1

As you can see Ava was feeling very free with herself out there.  It was so fun to watch her just let loose, veg out, and explore!

After a long week of work, house/yard work, church responsibilities, and too much technology we decided to head up to Grimes Creek to camp on Friday night. Not only did we find a nice spot by the river (which Ava loved!) but we also didn't have anyone camping next to us so it was nice and quiet! Only being there for one night we decided to make things easy and bring the grill for some BBQ chicken....delish. As you can tell, Ava had a blast exploring. She LOVES rocks these days and could have spent hours throwing them into the river.

Once Ava went down, which actually went quite smoothly, it was almost dark and Devin had started a fire.  I love watching him in hi element of cutting wood, arranging it perfectly for a fire, and keeping it going as long as we need it.  It would have been fun to have friends with us but it had been so long since we went camping just us and it felt so wonderful to just sit there by the fire with no distractions (no service), listen to some music, and the river running next to us.Next time we'll make it a party :) Pin It


  1. Beautiful pictures! Can almost hear the "plunk" of Ava's rocks hitting the water, and smell the campfire. Not surprised that she was ready for sleep, after all that fun. Can't wait to see "Day 2"!

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