May 18, 2014

Ava - 18 months

18 Months!


Ava is 18 months old today and quite the ball of energy!  At 18 months, Ava:

- Went to nursery pretty well! She didn't cling to me when we got in there. Instead she grabbed a truck and a ball and started playing with her friend Luke.  It wasn't until after I left that she started crying, but nothing a little goldfish and marshmallows couldn't take care of  ;)

-Stopped nursing completely at about 17.5 months (for a long time at the end it was just for naps).  Now she takes one long 2.5 hour nap instead of two short one hour ones. I like it!

-Takes a binky just for sleeping

-Is OBSESSED with climbing on chairs.  Any chair, every chair, she has to try it out.

-Likes to try on everyone's hats and sunglasses and actually keeps her sunglasses on if it really is sunny at the park or in the backyard.

-Says "thank you", "here you go", asks for her binky when it's time to take a nap "mimi"

-Loves these green jelly shoes that I had when I was little.  They're two sizes too big still but she insists on wearing them and getting up on her window seat where she can clack around and "tap dance" with them on.  cutest!

-Takes her shoes off any chance she gets. Her feet are ALWAYS dirty because she's also always outside in the dirt/sand.

-Favorite vegetables are asparagus and broccoli, I'll take it!  But...her sweet tooth has grown drastically at the same time!

We just love her and can't wait to have such a fun little person to enjoy the summer with!

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  1. I loved your post about the Farmer's Market--I need to go to some here! It really is nice to go shopping by yourself and take your time. Ava is getting so big and she is so beautiful; I love her fo-fish face, all squished, haha!