May 14, 2014

Gone Fishing

Devin and Garrett went fishing a couple weekends ago up at Lucky Peak and came back with a Kokanee (land-locked sockeye) salmon.  Which, if you don't know, is one of the healthiest kind of salmon. They're headed out again this weekend, maybe if Devin wears his lucky salmon-colored shirt again they'll bring home their limit of 6!

Ava was so curious, but not sure how she felt about a dead fish head laying on the ground (we tried to get the cat to go eat it, but she was pretty skeptical too).  I love Ava's face when she says "fish", aka "fofish" because of "goldfish" crackers. 

It had a lot of meat on it, ended up feeding Devin and Garrett for lunch, a couple bites for me, and as much as Ava could get her hands on from dad.  She loved it! We got lots of Omega 3s, 5s, and Vitamin D from it. Hoping they have another successful weekend! Pin It

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