April 30, 2014

Quick trip to Utah

Basically the only pictures I have of our mini trip to Utah last week are from my cousin Ashley's wedding.  She was such a beautiful bride and I'm so glad I could make the trip to be at her sealing at the Salt Lake City Temple!  I got to help put together the boutonnieres and corsages the night before the wedding at her house with other cousins that I haven't seen in years - so fun!  Here are some pics I snapped after they came out of the temple.

That paper flower bouquet is so cute! It looked real from even 10 feet away.
We had been in Declo since Easter Sunday and Ava and I drove down to Utah with Devin's parents on Thursday morning.  We were able to stay with Jordan and Corina on Thurs and Fri night at their new house in Layton.  Corina and I had a blast catching up, letting our babies play together, talking house/yard/blog/design plans, and lots of eating/shopping.  Devin drove down Fri night for the reception and we did more catching up, shopping, and eating the next day with Jordan and Corina :)

iPhone pics from our trip:
(Ava swinging with some cousins while mommies arranged flowers.)

(beautiful tulip display on Temple Square)

(Ava's first trip to Rita's - word to the wise, raspberry is not so great. But mango - YES)

(Ava loving all the balloons that lined the driveway to the reception.  It was in a cool barn and decorated so cute and rustic, ice cream bar for dessert!  Ava just wanted to run everywhere inside which was kind of a nightmare but Devin was so nice to chase her while I visited with family)

(Our second trip to Rita's water ice - swedish fish flavor this time, so good...as you can tell by Ava's mouth. And we got to enjoy it with Jordan, Corina, and Reagan!)

I definitely want to document the yummy things we ate and the fun shopping:
-Pizzeria Limone
-Chick Fil A (especially the peach shake)
- Rita's Water Ice (x2)
-Gardner Village (got baby boy's quilt binding fabric)
- IKEA food and shopping
- Devin checked out Scheel's for the first time 

Corina was an angel to watch Ava while I went to the sealing on Friday morning.  She toted two babies around to City Creek and Temple Square! Luckily Ava has been warming up to being left with other moms and did great, so nice to have good friends!
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  1. Those pictures from the temple are amazing!!

  2. You were in Utah?? How do I always miss this?

    1. Because I hardly ever come south of Salt Lake anymore OR have a car of my own haha