April 18, 2014

Ava 17 months

I am always amazed at how much change happens in such a short amount of time with these little people, but I have to say that the months since Ava turned one have brought the most change in personality, development, etc than I ever remember before the age of 1.  And since she has turned 1, these months have also gone by the fastest to me! Looking back, I'm not gunna lie, the first year feels like it took forever! Now I just want to capture every single day....which doesn't explain why I have less pictures of her this month but maybe that means that I am behind the shutter less and really playing and being with her like I want to be.

These are a few of her favorite things:
   It's been her most recent animal sound - "clop clop"- and whenever we're at a store that she sees one of those toy riding horses she freaks out and has to get on it.  So I was thrilled to find one at Goodwill for $5 and then that night at our church party they had another one for the kids and she was in heaven...she practically rode it all night.  When she wakes up in the morning she comes over to her horsey, gets on by herself, and rocks for about 5 minutes straight making her horse noise or clicking the button for the horse to make noise, she loves it!

I think we may need to dig another dirt pile once we plant our garden so that Ava has somewhere else to dig and play.  She looooves sitting in the dirt, scooping it, and feeling it fall between her fingers.  I love it because it seriously entertains her for a long time.

We've been going to lots of parks this last month and her favorite thing is the slide. As long as I help her go down the first time and then find the stairs to climb back up after I can go back to the grass and watch her and she'll just go up and down forever!  Swings come in 2nd place and she loves to give me kisses when she swings towards me. 

Getting hurt
Ava has gotten lots of scratches from playing with the kitty (just the cat pawing at her hands, but the claws just naturally get her) but she doesn't even blink - she'll take the battle scars for the fun of playing with her!  She also tore her maxillary frenum - the little skin thing under her top lip - when she was trying to climb on her high chair and slipped.  It bled a ton but it's really not something to worry about and is already healing just fine, in case anyone is wondering or has this happen! She also does this ridiculous thing where she bangs her head against the wall or on the ground when she gets mad and then comes whining to me, tapping her head which means that she fell or bonked it. Drives me crazy! lol

She's becoming a little more picky about food but she will always eat scrambled eggs and toast, broccoli, and...anything dipped in syrup or chocolate. She's definitely found her sweet tooth.

And last but not least, she's repeating a lot more things we say.  Usually it doesn't sound much like English but it's really cute and I can tell she wants to be talking.  And thankfully, she has still never said the word "no" which I'm not complaining about! Instead she just shakes her head back and forth when she doesn't want something that I offer her. 
She's added the following words to her vocab: sorry (nah-nee), door (doe), bike, hat, baby (bah-boo), milk (mih)...and she tries to whistle because her favorite book is a Snow White "Whistle While You Work" pop up sing along book that I had when I was little. She tries to whistle along with me :)

and...ONE MORE MONTH TIL NURSERY aka freedom at church :) Pin It


  1. Agh, I'm so jealous that Ava gets to go to nursery! I can't wait until December. Church has been pretty difficult lately...

  2. Oh my goodness Ava is so darling and getting so big! I can't wait to see you this weekend! I am glad you were able to use the GC to get a peach tree--it sounds so heavenly to go to your backyard to pick your own fresh fruit. I was shocked to see pictures of Devin blowing out his candles by himself--no help, haha! I am so glad you remember to take pictures and post them on your blog so I can get a glimpse of everyone out here :)