February 25, 2014


There is a lot of yardwork in our future, mainly because the previous owners did ZERO.  So we've (Devin) been spending Saturdays analyzing the yard and doing some small things now before we have our work cut out for us this spring/summer. 

 It's a nice size yard though which has been so fun for Ava to explore and we have so many windows looking out to the backyard that I can even let Ava dig around in the dirt while I...do the dishes! Yes, I let her play outside by herself yesterday for about 10 min and she didn't care where I was as long as she had some dirt and a spoon, or a stick, or a ball. 
These pictures were actually from Saturday when Devin raked up and got rid of all the leaves. She was trying to be a big helper :) We've had 50 degree weather the past 3 days - in FEBRUARY! We've already been on lots of bike rides and walks around the neighborhood. Can't wait for Spring! Pin It


  1. I am often thankful that I married a man who worked on Grounds for so long. Haha! He can do yard work, and kind of likes it, and knows how it is supposed to look!

  2. Just spent the last little bit looking through all your posts--you have such beautiful pictures and its so fun how you have documented Ava going through all her stages--you forget them so quickly otherwise! Can't wait to see Ava and you again, and SO excited to meet #2!