February 19, 2014

Ava 15 months

We have a little character on our hands.  Here are some highlights of Ava this month:
-Always wanting to help, she'll pick up or throw away or "get" pretty much anything I ask her (I try not to abuse this!) and always tries to grab the broom or vacuum when I'm cleaning.

-She's OBSESSED with trash cans and throwing things away.
  • One day I opened a cheese stick and gave it to her with the wrapper partially on still.  I was busy doing something else and then saw that she had eaten the whole thing and was walking to the trash can and threw away her wrapper and clapped for herself without me even saying anything! 
  • Devin ate leftovers for dinner on the couch the other day and set the Tupperware on the floor. Later when we were doing dishes and cleaning up, we went to throw something away and saw the Tupperware and fork in the trash can. She did it.
  • Since then we have found socks in the trash, shoes and books in the laundry hampers, she'll take her diaper from the downstairs bathroom trash to the kitchen trash because I guess that's where it belongs, and one day I was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her and here she comes around the landing carrying the (small) trash can from our bathroom. She tried to take the bag out to give to me like it was time to take out the trash. silly girl! We're washing hands more lately too...
-Newest word is bapple (apple) and says "ohhhhh" like awww when she sees babies
-Makes sounds for dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs (she snorts instead of saying oink, haha!), and now trying cow
-Folds her arms when you say "prayer" or "time to say prayers"
-Brings her shoes and coat when she wants to go outside
-We moved her forward facing in her car seat earlier than I planned but it just felt like a good time.
-We now have a bedtime routine of reading 2 books, singing primary songs with lights out while I rock her, and in the crib she goes with no nursing, hurray! Singing never used to calm her, but now it does - it's so sweet
-She loves our cat Cece...almost to death, literally. lol So glad we have this cat for her to practice being "soft" and "nice" with before the baby comes! Pin It

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  1. What a fun age! She's doing so many exciting things!