January 8, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

For documenting sake, I should say that we had a tree of our own and a very Christmasy apartment, planning to maybe do our own Christmas there this year and then head to Declo on Christmas Day to celebrate with Devin's family.  But, then we decided we'd be moving 2 days after Christmas so all our Christmas stuff got packed away on the 23rd and we headed to Declo that night leaving behind a pretty bare apartment.  We were excited to come be with family and celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas there!

We had lots of laughs this night with an impromptu nativity reenactment, some last minute talent shares (note Devin's head in hand, so funny), and a Family Caricature.  Everyone was great though and Laura pulled it all back together at the end with a sweet message about Jesus's birth and a gift for all the grandchildren, which Ava loved.  It was the first time in 30+ years that Grandma Harper didn't have anyone at her house for Christmas Eve so it was so nice to have her share it with us all at Devin's house.  Pin It


  1. Did you guys have a last minute change of plans to head to Declo instead of having it at your apt?

    1. Oh yeah haha we took our Christmas tree and all our decorations down on Monday (2 days before Christmas) and headed to Declo that night with over half our apartment packed away! We moved 2 days after Christmas