January 5, 2014

We're Home!

We're homeowners!  Our BIGGEST accomplishment of 2013!
We could not believe how fast this all happened!  We looked at this house on December 2nd and loved it and put an offer down that night.  Fast forward three and a half weeks and we were moved in! I'll do another post with details of the house, but we just have to say how blessed we feel to have wonderful family who has helped and supported us through the decision, moving, and making this house feel like a home.  I had no idea we would feel as settled as we already are, a week after moving in.  
   Devin has been a go-getter as far as unpacking, fixing things, putting up blinds, curtains, etc.  No time wasted!  He's had 2 weeks of with work which has been such a blessing for us and he has used it to its fullest capacity, so thankful for his hard work!

We're happy to be staying in Meridian, in our same church boundaries, and close to a good school for Ava in the future.  We plan to be able to grow our family into this home for a long time to come which makes us less nervous about having just made the biggest purchase we've ever made!
Ever since we've been spending time looking at this house, painting the garage, and finally moving in, Ava has acted right at home.  So happy to see a big space for her to move around and play.  I am so thankful that she really had no adjustment problems except maybe the first night of sleep. 

We're excited to finally have room and seating for friends and family to come stay and hang out, so all are welcome! Pin It

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