January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning - presents!
 As soon as Ava saw the bear she was determined that it belonged downstairs to the toy room with all the other bears and stuffed animals. She's been dragging that bear around with her every time she sees it! And that was practically the only toy we got her because the rest came from Grandmas:
This was the happiest day in the books with Ava.  She was seriously just so fun and happy all day, never a complaint!

 She dug into this stash the second she found it. Tried to take a bite out of that golden nugget, she knows the good stuff.
 The Redders came over to open their presents from Grandma and Grandpa too - so glad I captured this Ivy face, she was hilarious.
Grandma and Grandpa playing the game they bought themselves to play with the grandkids :)
 I got to play Santa this year and wake up early to set these up for Neil and Laura in the living room to see when they woke up.  This is a bad picture, but I got the idea HERE which shows how beautiful they really can be.  Fun centerpieces or decor, especially around kids who love seeing pics of themselves!
 Got to video chat with Elder Harper who is serving a mission in Baltimore, MD right now!

 THIS was Christmas day, can you believe it?  Ava and all the kids and I outside without coats on...in Idaho.  Ava got her first ride being pulled behind Grandpa's motorcycle. 
 Thanks for the great memories!

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