January 16, 2014

Ava 14 months

My little baby is officially a walkin, talkin, eatin, sleepin, climbin, playin, goofy toddler and I love it!

Walking/Moving: There's no doubt in my mind that being in a house with much more space gave her the serious itch to get moving on those feet! It wasn't even a week of living here before she was on her own and now she's carrying things, throwing balls, picking them up, pushing her high chair around, trying to climb on the couch (sometimes successful), and learning the difference between hard floor, carpet, grass, and holding her own on those transitions. 
Trying to stand by herself, or downward dog
I know, those shoes have seen BETTER DAYS.  I may never throw these away because they define this whole stage of hers for me.  They areso comfy on her feet and have been with her from the hand held walking days through now, helping her learn to walk and loving it. They are See Kai Run smaller brand that I got at a consignment shop still in the box for $8.00!

Stairs - She's starting to move from crawling up/down the stairs to walking up/down the stairs by holding on to the railings and the wall.  Scares me half to death but so far she's only had one real tumble down the top 6 stairs which lead to a landing, all carpeted.  And it was because I scared her by calling out her name to see where she was.  Whoops!

 EAT: By these pictures you probably wouldn't believe that she's a good eater, with oatmeal all over herself.  But, she has started eating with a spoon and fork by herself really well to where I hardly have to help her anymore.  She loves having steel cut oats with me for breakfast, with a piece of buttered toast that she dips in her bowl and eats.  It's when she's full that it starts going everywhere, ick.   Her favorite foods are still breads and cheese and yogurt, but she loves any soups or things with beans and meat, rice, any nice and hearty meals which usually makes dinner time pretty nice . 
   SLEEP: Sleeping through the night has beenvery inconsistent.  I've stopped nursing her when she wakes up in the middle of the night, but I've also tried to stop nursing her before bed which seems to help keep her from waking up.  Still nursing for naps because, let's be honest, she loves to nurse and going cold turkey would be hard on both of us right now.  Maybe we'll try no-nurse-naps next week.  My favorite parts of the day are after her naps though- she is SO happy after she wakes up from naps which is such a blessing. It would be hard to have a crankster before AND after.

 She loves sitting in boxes and laundry baskets, reading lots and lots of books, LOVES animals especially doggies and bears - obsessed with my phone and always wants to watch a Yo Gabba Gabba clip.  She carries around this little toy TV remote like a phone because it sings/talks to her and has numbers on it. Her favorite game these days is sitting on the landing of our stairs and throwing a ball down to me at the bottom, watching it bounce down the steps.
The weather has recently been warm enough to go check out our backyard - she's found a few spots that she especially loves to explore!

Talking: When I ask her "What does the doggie say?" she can answer "woof woof!".  Her first sound :) Her best pronounced words are dadda, momma, (which also means grandpa/grandma) diaper, and ball.  She likes to call everything dada or ball, or makes the "d" or "b" sound - they are her favorite.  She tries to say belly button "bey bo".  When I ask if she wants some food she scrunches her face and makes a "foo" sound but in a way that sounds like she's blowing on hot food.  Other than that, she sure likes to babble and imitate all the time, especially in the car!

This has been one crazy month of growth for her, I can't wait to see how much more she changes in the next couple months.  I know she'll get more independent, which might be hard, but I'm still excited to hear new words, new games, etc. 

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  1. She is getting SO big and I love hearing about the new things she does every month! :)

  2. The picture in the green jacket looks like a little Laura Harper!