January 29, 2014

7th Heaven

Devin and I are babysitting a family with 4 kids this week, Mon - Fri while their parents are on a cruise. They are a WONDERFUL  family, the oldest boys are in school and really good helpers, the preschool age daughter is really cute and loves Ava and then there's a boy who is only about 2.5 months older than Ava. Ava loves him and they play well together but wow, its like having twins!

Here is what I've learned:

-don't let two one year olds skip a nap (like the aunt of the family suggested I do for the youngest boy) when they should still be taking two. They and you will notice it big time right when you are trying to make dinner and they both want to be held and they're fighting over the same binky.-FAIL

-my theory still stands that oldest children are often the hard working, responsible ones that you don't have to worry about and the next child usually tries to see how much they can get away with or not do, knowing their older sibling will clean up after them. The oldest child is saving my life this week so I'm trying to be nice to him WIN

-don't get kids' hopes up to go to Golden Corral for dinner only to change it to McDonalds at the last second. FAIL (long story, but who knows-after reading reviews, GC itself might be a bigger fail)

-I've learned how to put two babies (one yr olds) to bed at the same time-literally. Devin had youth group tonight so I was on my own. Two babies, one rocking chair, one with a bottle actually trying to go to sleep, one trying to get comfortable all over me and other baby. Good thing the bottle kid goes down like a champ-FAIL/WIN

-record a video of the kids putting on a puppet show for their parents to watch when they get home(kids' idea) WIN

-ten minute clean up with a timer, some music, and a mystery piece of trash that earns a treat -WIN

-don't send youngest outside in the backyard to play with less responsible child or he'll take him to the front and let him run down the middle of the road with his walker. FAIL

-teach them how monkeys actually open/eat bananas WIN

Only one more full day/night, we can do this! Pin It


  1. I loved your post! All I can say is that is one lucky family---they had the best of the best with them!

  2. whoa, that's a lot of work! You are a good friend!