February 11, 2014

Meet Cece The Cat

We got the urge this weekend to add a cat to the family.  Devin has been begging for a dog ever since we moved and I just can't bare the thought of a puppy in a new house with a toddler, etc.  But a cat I can deal with, and love.  So we spent the day together on Saturday searching high and low for the perfect one!
 ^^They had a bunch of different rooms, each with about 4 cats in it.  Ava loved walking from door to door seeing who would come up to her.  This cat loooved Ava :)
She was a blurr in every room from chasing cats to getting their toys and trying to play in their litter box! Yikes...lol.

After spending close to an hour and a half here, I wish I could say that we got our cat at this lovely facility because it was really nice, but we just didn't love any of the ones they had.  I had to have a female cat because of allergies - male cats produce more dander - and didn't want one that was too old.  So, we went to the Idaho Humane Society and found the one we wanted!
 Cece has found some places that Ava just can't quite get to, but Ava sure tries! I need to get more pictures of the two of them but Ava is such a blur that I'll have to upload some videos soon.

Cece's story:
We had looked at all the female cats in the cages and were still a little stuck on finding one we LOVED.  But we walked down a hallway and there was a door open to a small closet that had some cages stacked on top of each other with cats who were on medications, etc. and needed to be away from other cats and taken care of.  Well, that door wasn't supposed to be open and was restricted to employees only but we went in anyway because we were interested in her.  We asked someone about her and she was just getting over a "kitty cold" and on antibiotics but they told us we could take her home if we wanted!  We were so happy that whoever left that door open - did! 

-She is 2 years old (that pic of her above makes her look tiny for some reason, but she's not quite a kitten anymore).  Very friendly and loves to be wherever we are...until Ava tries to pick her up.
-Her previous owner dropped her off in a box overnight at the humane society, but she's been spayed and all that jazz.
-She used the litterbox the day we brought her home and we haven't had problems since. She meows outside our bedrooms at night but we're trying to keep her out for now.  She's really good at knowing what she can and can't climb up on and hasn't tried to scratch any furniture except once so we got a scratching post which she likes a lot!
-She actually tolerates Ava REALLY well, and Ava is getting a lot better at learning how to pet, vs hit and pull :)

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