November 17, 2013

Strolling in Philadelphia

Ava and I spent the night at Nicole's apartment in Philly near Thomas Jefferson University, where she is getting her masters. I just love this girl, she was an incredible hostess and could not wait to take us around the city.

Woke up and walked to Whole Foods for breakfast and then just walked and talked and looked at cute shops along the way.  We didn't get down in the heart of the sight-seeing downtown which was fine because it was a chilly day and Nicole showed me some places that she and Kurt took engagement pictures.  So, the photo buffs that Nicole and I are - we spent most of our time taking fun pictures with Ava!

^^Somehow the trees are green and the leaves on the ground were yellow.  Strange to still so a lot of green around! But everything was so beautiful :)

 ^^Don't worry, this wasn't a stray cat, it belonged to someone on the street. Ava went nuts as soon as she saw it. She's a total animal lover

I love the charm and history of old cities.  You can feel the love. 

Nicole and I were talking on the way home about how refreshing it is to see houses along a street that don't have the cookie cutter mold and have big trees in the yards and nice space between the houses.  I loved driving up and down hills and turning corners. 'Til we meet again, PA!

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  1. PA looks gorgeous!! Wow! Great pictures.

  2. You know I already love these pictures! And I am so happy that you came to visit- it was perfect!!!! So grateful for our friendship!!!!! And Ava is just so precious! You and Devin are the greatest parents to her!