November 19, 2013

Ava 11 and 12 months

 In honor of my baby turning ONE yesterday, I think it's time for an 11/12 month update
Words: mom, dad, uh oh, ball (Ba), peek a boo (pick buh),
Signs: Started waving her arms/hands to mean "all done" at her high chair. Shakes her head no when I'm trying to feed her something she doesn't want more of.  Waves hi and bye independently at 12 months. 
Events: Went on her first flight at 11.5 mo to Pennsylvania.

11 months: Anything/everything round or that rolls is a ball (soup cans, balloons). She is SO happy when someone plays catch with her on the floor. She gets most excited when throwing it and really has an arm on her! 
Sometimes when she wakes up from a nap I just hear her in her crib saying "uh oh" like uh oh I'm awake! I go in and find her standing there looking quite pleased with herself for throwing her binky out of her crib. When I throw it back in she sits down and repeatedly throws it around her crib, saying "uh oh". I love those days. Other times she is just really groggy and needs to cuddle for a min. She loves climbing stairs, she knew exactly what to do the first time she ever saw them. When it comes to eating, her no fail foods are avacado and cheese.  That's why she still has chubby hands :) She is really good about eating whatever we are eating for dinner though.
 Her thing at 11 months has been emptying everything in sight - drawers, shelves, cupboards, and the dryer which is actually really nice while i'm doing laundry.  She'll hand the clothes to me!  Our shelf with hymn books and old journals and stuff is her favorite.  Sometimes she'll start flipping through one after she knocks it down.

12 months: Wants to be "walked" every where by me holding her hands and her walking aka running.  
If there is a ball or balloon around she likes to kick it around the house. At stores with carts she loves to get down and hold on to the bar by my feet and walk/push the cart with me. We may have lost a shoe at Wegmans by doing that. Now when she sees stairs she wants you to walk her up them and she leans back against you and takes giant steps from one step to the next.  
PLAY: She is finding more independent interest in books lately.  She'll pull them out of her basket and start flipping through one at a time by herself.  She also loves stuffed animals. When it comes to my phone, she mostly tries to get it so that she can pretend to talk on it. She hasn't watched a lot of videos/played many games on it yet so she doesn't try to actually use it. She has really been trying to say "Hello" and will repeat "da da" after we say "diaper".
 EAT/SLEEP: She is getting more of a stinker about eating.  She will try pretty much anything but gets really bored at her high chair and starts throwing food and won't let me feed her more...something we need to work on. But she IS really trying to use a fork and spoon by herself and we've had some successful days.  Those days end up with a bath after because experimenting with a fork and spoon can be pretty messy :) Another thing we need to work on is sleeping.  this girl is back to waking up about 2-3 times a night. ick. Now that we are home from traveling and not sick anymore, that is the next goal along with no more nursing to sleep. Wish us luck!

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  1. I really love those pictures of her reading the book. So cute!

  2. That picture of her standing up at the tree is ADORABLE! :) :) She is getting so big!!!!

  3. Every picture is adorable but I just can't get over how grown up she looks in her jumper and standing up by the tree! So so cute!! She is such a fun baby!! I'm glad her and Holland are right around the same age! It's so fun to watch them grow up together!