November 15, 2013

2013 Trip to Pennsylvania

Had a blast last week while spending time with family and friends in Pennsylvania! I hadn't been home for 2 years so there was a lot of catching up to do!

  • FLYING:   Delta was the BEST choice for flying with a baby! They were so accommodating, I rarely even had to ask for anything.  I called a couple days before the trip to declare myself as "infant in arms" so they already had that on my boarding pass and new to help me.  I got a whole row to ourselves on 3 out of the 4 flights we had!  Seriously, SO lucky.  And Ava slept through almost all of all the flights and was pretty happy when she was awake.  Even on the way home when she had been up the whole previous night throwing up and was on the verge of cutting a molar.  Angel baby.
  • FALL: Huge trees/leaves, and we went to my high school's Friday night football game! Ava clapped along with the cheerleaders 
  • PHILLY: Visited Kurt and Nicole at her adorable apartment. It made me want to come home and totally redecorate mine! We satisfied each other's urge to just stroll through the city and talk and take lots of pictures.  I'll be doing a whole other post with those  :)  She was the perfect hostess and I miss her so much already!  Can't wait to go back next August for her wedding!
  • LUNCH in Wayne: Nicole and I went to Panera Bread for lunch with her Aunt Gretchen.  Ava instantly made a friend with her daughter, Bea.  We then went and toured the home of an incredibly successful business woman in the area - we're talking Forbe's Top Earning Women successful.  I love Wayne, PA.  The homes and streets and shops are so charming and cozy and inviting.  I could drive those streets every day.
  • DOG: Ava loved my dog.  Every morning Ava would get so excited to come down the stairs and see Molly waiting for her at the bottom.  She also loved my stairs and having lots of people to walk her up and down the stairs multiple times a day.
  •  PARTY: We had a little birthday party for Ava at Aimee's apartment and got to see some more HS friends.  Julius tried to impress her with his dance moves.  Aimee and Nicole got her some adorable outfits and Trader Joe's catered :) 
  •  FAMILY/FOOD: Lots of yummy food with my family - mexican, cheesesteaks, Shady Maple smorgasboard (Amish country), Double D diner for breakfast.  And got to visit Aunt Cricket's antique shop which got me totally excited for Christmas!
  •  COUSINS: Went to New Jersey to see Lori and Allison who I haven't seen since our wedding reception! 
          Ava got to play with their handsome little boys, Quintin and Xavier, that I'd been dying to meet. They'll be her 2nd cousins.  Wish their sister Kelly could have been there! These two are amazing moms that just exude joy :) totally fun to be with them!  Lori was the sweetest and got Ava a birthday cupcake to celebrate along with Aunt Kathy's birthday that day. She was turning 66 and looking 26! ;)
  • SHOPPING: Met Nicole again at Exton Mall where I spent most of my days ;)  Ava tried her first Auntie Anne's pretzel and LOVED it. I think I know what we're having at her birthday party...   I also had to go to Wegman's before leaving PA.  If you know Harmon's out here in the West, it's kind of like that.  I took a picture of their enormous refrigerated section dedicated to ravioli, tortellini, other pasta, and ricotta cheese because you won't find that in Idaho.  They also had a huge bulk candy section with California mints that I brought home for Devin to try.

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  1. I loved reading this post and it made me miss you even more than I already do. But at least its only 10 months until I see you again and not 2 years! Love you and so thankful for the fun time we had together! :)