November 3, 2013

Halloween re-cap

It goes without saying that I love Halloween 

Cinnamon-apple-grilled cheese for Halloween lunch and this awesome mug
I guess I can see if you didn't  have many special experiences with it growing up you might not like it, or just don't see what the big deal is. But, my very favorite childhood memories with my brother and my best friend are based around Halloween.

My brother and I have birthdays right next to Halloween and my mom always helped us do pretty fun costumes from the time we were little. We kept them in the dress up box and enjoyed them all year long. 

Huge oak trees lined my street so we always had leaves crunching under our feet as we went trick or treating. 

Then when I got old enough to go without parents, my best friend Lauren and I would go to her Grandma's neighborhood/nearby neighborhoods which I can't get out of my head as the best trick or treating neighborhood EVER. But that will have to be for another post. I just want to make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for my kids!

Here are some more pictures from Halloween 2013:

Ava and I went to JoAnn's and she showed off her walking skills.  Can't believe she's getting so big.  She had to stop and wave at everyone. I loved walking behind and seeing that little skirt bob up and down while she pushed the cart :)

Ava's costume:  Back in August Marissa gave me a great idea for Ava to be a cabbage patch doll for Halloween.  I got a knit beanie and started weaving the yarn though it (I had no ryhme or reason to how I did it.  It was actually pretty weird).  It was taking too long so I ended up hot gluing scalp-colored felt to the spots of the beanie that didn't have hair yet and I just hot glued the rest of the yarn to the felt.  I found the dress at a 25 cent sale, I thought it was the perfect cabbage patch dress!
Trick or Treating: We had friends taking their girls (Madison and Holland) so we joined them and Ava did so well! 
1) She kept her wig on all night, amazing
2) She loved being walked up to the door and had to touch everyone's pumpkins before taking a piece of candy
3) She threw every piece of candy she got in the person's driveway.  Devin was clean up crew
4) The neighborhood we went to had a couple riding around the streets on horses passing out candy and one of them was a headless horseman carrying a pumpkin.  It was awesome!!
5)We probably could have put some red shoes on Ava and passed her off as Dorothy since Devin and I ended up being a witch and a scarecrow

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  1. Ava was the perfect Cabbage Patch Doll. So cute!!

  2. I love how into Halloween you are! And it was so fun to take the little girls out Trick-or-Treating! Next year will be even more fun! Maybe Race and I will actually dress up! Haha. We'll see!

  3. You guys look great!! The pictures of the Boise fall colors are amazing.