October 30, 2013

Birthday Post [and picture overload]

I turned 24 on Saturday but I basically started celebrating Thursday night when Emma and I went to the Witches Night Out at "The Village at Meridian". (As expressed on Instagram, I'm still dying to go to the one at Gardner Village someday).  There wasn't a whole lot to do there but it was fun to dress up and check out the new outdoor village and have a break from the babies...even though we're pretty sure next year we'll bring them because it would have been so cute to dress them up as little witches :)
I couldn't stop thinking about how this time last year I was preparing for Ava to be coming soon. Last year's birthday post HERE. So it was fun to go back to Other Mother's this year for their 25 cent sale and have a littlebig baby scooting around me everywhere.

The weather and colors this past week have been OUT OF THIS WORLD. Ava and I spent every single afternoon outside this past week just soaking it all in.  I'll have to do a separate post on how surrounded our apartments are in beautiful colors because it's a thing of its own :)  But I did stop at a farmers' market on Friday to get a pumpkin and wound up being in such a fun fall mood that I got a big pumpkin, 3 fun little gourds, a pomegranate, some granny smith apples, and an acorn squash.  Pretty sure it all cost me less than $10 too!  Needless to say, I was in a good mood.

Noodles & Co finally opened in Idaho so I got to use my free birthday meal there Friday night! If you've never been, GO! And get the penne rosa. yummm. AND BYU beat BSU so that's something to celebrate in and of itself!

And now for the actual birthday festivities:

Hit up Denny's for free birthday breakfast and then Neil and Laura came up to Boise for the day and we went to Tucanos (free birthday meal!) for lunch.  If you've never been to Tucano's GO!  And get the...meat :) And the salad bar. And the passion fruit brazilian creme.  Ava loved it, it's alllll good. And they sing to you on your birthday and make you dance around with a shaker.

Then we took our bikes over to the Boise Greenbelt river trail to ride from Veteran's Memorial Parkway to Ann Morrison park.  I couldn't believe we hadn't gone down here since the leaves changed colors but it was gorgeous. 

This water you see isn't the river...the river is behind me (the bike-riding-crooked picture-taker). In front is a beautiful lake we passed.

Found this magnificent tree at Ann Morrison park, right by the bridge.  All the colors were so captivating!
We finished our ride at this bridge where the water went under the most beautiful yellow trees that lit it up like gold.  I can't even tell you.  Look at that water below!

It was so nice to have Neil and Laura here to celebrate with us, Ava loved having the extra attention :)  We showed them a new frozen yogurt place we found and then came back home for presents and the most delicious carrot cake that Laura made.  I've already been using the apple/corer/slicer gadget that they got me for my birthday.  Especially for THESE - apple grilled cheese sandwiches.  Can't wait to make apple crisp once all these Halloween treats are gone!

Also, Devin got me plane tickets to Pennsylvania!! I will be going home next Wednesday for a week - I can't WAIT! Excited for more birthday celebrations with my family :)

THANK YOU friends and family who made me feel so special on my birthday!

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