October 29, 2012

Claire Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

I turned 23 on Friday!  It seems like it's been party central around here with all the fun Halloween things to do and getting ready for baby, I love having a fall birthday!

Devin and I went to Denny's on Friday morning because they give you a free grand slam (with ID).  After he went to work, I met up with some girls and pretty much shopped til I dropped!
1. Other Mothers' consignment shop was having a huge 25 cent sale that me and Annie hit up and I got a TON of cute onesies/clothes for the baby, a diaper genie, and a baby bathtub all for $12.50. Score!
2. Cafe Rio for lunch with Tyne, Annie, and Erin who was so sweet to drop by and visit and gave me a super cute apron!  Cafe Rio gave me a free Tres Leches with my meal AND I just asked for a water cup but the girl at the cash register gave me a soda cup "just in case you change your mind, since it's your birthday"!
3. Got my eyebrows done at the Brow Bar at Ulta.  Loved the girl who did it, we talked baby, labor, and delivery which seems to be the majority of my conversations with people as of late.
4. Went to the mall and met up with Tyne at the Body Shop where Devin got me a groupon - we picked out some scented oils to put in our oil warmer.  Tried it last night and the house smelled amazing!  Then I headed over to Romy and got a super cute dress for $10 - Devin took some maternity pics of me in it yesterday which I'll put up soon!
5. Devin met me at Cheesecake Factory for dinner, thanks to Heather who sent me a gift card!  We split the Chicken Madeira/Steak platter (I just said, anything that comes with mashed potatoes...like always haha) and it was delicious!

6. Stopped at Cabela's my favorite store ;) Jk, dropped Devin off at Cabela's while I perused TJ Maxx and DSW but we weren't there long because I wanted to get home and open PRESENTS!
7. Opened presents:  Super soft bath robe (heavenly), awesome cutting board with treats, Pride and Prejudice (6 hour on DVD - It was strange to hold something so small that used to come in 6 VHS!), comfy socks, baby clothes, and a really warm cover for the carseat! My parents sent me money that contributed to all of my birthday fun as well as a much needed future haircut and possibly some new shoes or fun thing I don't know I need yet :)
8. Watched Shawshank Redemption on our clearplay.  I probably would have chosen a chick flick but we have a stack of movies we're borrowing from some friends that we wanted to put a dent in and this had the most potential to me out of those.  If you like Prison Break,which you can read about our recent obsession HERE, you will love this movie.  I thought it was really good!

Devin was so clever and went on Pinterest for my gift idea.  I have a "printables" board of quotes and things that I like so he got two things printed and put in really cute, white frames for our kitchen.  I love it!  My new camera lens is also from him, which we got for a steal off of craigslist.  Devin is the best gift giver I know!

For future reference on BIRTHDAYS
Awesome "free" birthday things to take advantage of:
-If you are an Ulta Rewards Member (free, you just sign up for e-mails and stuff) you get a free brow wax by their "arch specialist" on your birthday.  She was fantastic :)
-Free grand slam or build your own from Denny's on your birthday (with ID)
-Free Redbox code (they e-mail it to you, so you have to be signed up)
- If you are a DSW (shoes) member, they e-mail you a $5 coupon to use the month of your birthday.
-Tucanos - free meal the month of your birthday! (Have to sign up before the month of your birthday, they mail you a card) We went there a couple weeks ago with Devin's parents, grandma, and Talane after going to the Boise Temple open house :)
- Baskin Robins e-mails you a free scoop of ice cream coupon
-Noodles & Co. sends e-mail for free birthday meal (there aren't any in Idaho so I couldn't use mine :( )

There are so many more, these are just ones that I took advantage of or had sent to my inbox. 

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great birthday! That dress you got is really cute! Our favorite birthday deals are the free Red Robin burger and Benihana.

  2. Oh and I love the printouts Devin made! Great idea.