September 8, 2013

My Photography Experience [Summer 2013]

Early this year our Relief Society did a service auction as an activity.  I decided to offer a free photo session because I had my camera for almost a year and I had pretty much just taken casual personal pictures and I thought it'd be fun to put all of my pinterest ideas to use ;) Little did they know that taking their pictures was more for me than it was for them because I was so happy to have someone to practice on with little pressure!  Since the first family, I've been approached by a couple others and have had a lot of fun learning more, especially how to use my photoshop (elements).  They've given me permission to show some of the pictures here on my blog :)

Family #1: (they won the session from the service auction)

I LOVED shooting for them.  I was nervous, since it was my first time, but Lara came prepared with lots of ideas and props.  And not to mention, we went out to a ranch in Emmett, ID that belonged to her husband's grandfather. It was absolutely beautiful with a shady path along a river, fluffy fields, and it was the perfect time of night.  Her kids were angels and it was a great first experience!

Family #2: This session was for a family who was having a get together this summer and there would be ONE day that all of the kids/grandkids would be together.  That also meant that there was only one time we could do it, which ended up being around 11 am.  I learned a lot about how to work with harsh sunlight, but we found some great spots at the Boise Train Depot - great location.  For how many kids there were - they were wonderful!

Family #3: These friends of mine wanted a shoot for their son turning 6 months old. He is such a cutie. I felt so bad because we were planning on going somewhere else to take them but I realized day-of that my camera battery was really low so we stayed local.  Like - in our backyard (they're my neighbors).  We have a gorgeous field behind our apartments with a dirt path and trees.  I thought it made for a great location and by this photo shoot I had some ideas of my own.  Mom, dad, and baby cooperated wonderfully!

I had to take Ava with me on all of these photo shoots which actually ended up being fun because she was a good helper in getting the other babies smiling and looking.

I've learned a lot about lighting, like when to use my flash to help when sun is behind my subjects.  I also learned a lot more about what to focus on to give things a certain perspective.

I hardly ever had to "pose" anyone - I felt like they would look comfortable if they felt comfortable so I gave them an idea of what to do but the actual form of their bodies I left up to them. Pin It


  1. I love that last one in black and white. Beautiful! Good job!

  2. They are all beautiful! GO Claire!