September 10, 2013

Mom and Dad Visit - Sandy Point Beach

We went to Sandy Point at Lucky Peak for the first time while my parents were here in August.  We loved the crisp, clean water and the shaded picnic areas on the grassy hills.  We'll definitely be going here more next summer with our state parks pass!! 

This shirt that my dad is wearing is his trademark "beach shirt".  He's even had it longer than I've been alive!  I would be sad to see that thing go, it's the best.  In other news, Ava did a faceplant out of her car seat into the sand while we were setting things up.  She didn't even cry! What a champ.  She has been really good about just playing in the sand and not trying to eat it.

 We all took turns taking the raft out into the water together, which was fun because there is a HUGE fountain out in the middle of it that sprays mist. The water is really cold but if you're in the warm sun the mist is the perfect amount of cold water to cool you off :)

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  1. Agh, I'm already feeling nostalgic about Summer. How did it slip away so fast?! LOVE that top picture of you and Ava! So precious!