September 6, 2013

Getting so big!

Ava has been doing so many things in the last couple days that are making me realize how much she is growing! I've been on the search for shoes lately because I think she'll be walking sometime this fall the way she's been pulling herself up on things. As you can see below, she'd rather chew on them.

This is a picture from a video I was taking. She's pulling herself up onto everything and crawling a lot faster. I love the view of her little standing legs from the doorway :)

I also got we hair into a little pony tail today. On top of the head, of course. Still very curious what her hair color will really be! 

She also ate beans for the first time today which she really liked, home and from our lunch at Chipotle (my first time there, loved it!). 

And for the record, it really feels like fall today in Boise. Warm sun with a cool crisp breeze. And the smell-undescribable. 
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1 comment:

  1. LOVE the pony tail! So cute! Can't wait for that day. Also Chipotle is one of my all time favorites. I'm glad you've experienced it.