July 7, 2013

Ava's 6 Month Post

6 months
5 months
 This girl is getting so big!  She was moving so much in her carseat that I couldn't really get one of her looking.  I feel like lots has happened since 5 months:

Ava's first tooth had a show on the day she turned 6 months, with the one next to it trailing right behind. On her 6 month birthday she also got to meet some of our friends for the first time at Sam and Taylor Preston's wedding.  Teething didn't make her very crabby that day, but for the next week I knew she was feeling it! 

She also started eating solids!  I think we tried some rice cereal here and there during 5 months but by 6 months she was trying some pureed fruits and veggies (which she likes best if cereal is mixed in with it).  Her favorite so far is squash! Which makes me think of those emails I always got when I was pregnant, telling me she was the size of a certain vegetable, and squash being one of them.  Loved that!

Life with a 6 month old means I don't have time to brighten this photo for this here blog right now or this post will never happen. and I'm already playing catch up before she turns 8 months!  
But THIS is the milestone I have been waiting for - TOE GRABBING!  It's my favorite!  I seriously think it is the cutest thing ever.  She does it while I change her diaper, while she's in her carseat, and when she nurses on the right side she always grabs her right leg and bounces it.  my favorite thing ever.
Ava started to pull blankets over her head and then reveal herself, as seen above.  Ever since, peek a boo has become her favorite game.  Especially, when her cousins are playing with her :)

Ava also started being able to sit up really good all by herself and play with toys (with some cushioning for occasional tips - our floor is really hard, they should just get rid of that awful carpet). She loves this little lamby, the first time I showed it to her she smiled really big like she realized it had a face and it was smiling at her and she had a friend :)

In other news...she has not been sleeping through the night at this age.  I've been trying to feed her more "real" food throughout the day to see if that helps fill her up.  Sometimes it does, but I haven't noticed anything consistently - especially since she is still pretty picky and finicky about being spoon fed.

Sleeping or not, we sure do love this little girl!

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  1. What a cutie--she is growing and changing so fast. Either we need to head to Boise or you guys need to come to Declo....it's Declo Days this weekend :)

  2. SO CUTE! I love that you got a little kitty--I bet Ava loves that. Let's Skype soon! By the way David and I saw a movie that you and Devin might like--it's called Warm Bodies and I LOVED IT. There is some swearing so you might want the clear play but otherwise it's really clean.