June 18, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Murray Park Center - June 14th
 ^^ Had to show off those thighs!
She looks nothing like me...but I'm so happy she's mine! We had a blast at the Murray Park Center* on Friday while we were down in Utah.  I went with Devin's mom and two sisters (and their kids) while the boys went backpacking in the Upper Palisades.  This was Ava's first time in the water and she absolutely loved it!  They didn't let us use the little baby float that we brought so I ended up holding her the whole time but I'm glad because it was so fun to see her splash and kick and give me big wet kisses :)  Here are some more pictures of her cute cousins, who she had a blast watching:
Heather with Mason and Kate

**This place was awesome for kids. The water was super warm, there was an awesome water slide, a figure 8 currant pool, and a fun playground right in the middle of the shallowest part for kids to play. Reasonable prices too! Pin It

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