July 17, 2013

Ava 7 months

Since she turns 8 months tomorrow.....Here's what the last month has looked like!
Ava has done a lot of traveling this last month! With Devin's brother Greg leaving on his mission, we've been to Declo quite a few times.  I'm sad we didn't get her a picture with him to compare with when he gets home.  Darn!  But Ava did have some "firsts" this last month:
 First time meeting Great-Grandma D (Dedrickson). 
 First Parade - Declo Days.  
I thought she'd be scared of the fire engine sirens but she seemed content! I just gave her a lollipop to hold and she was happy :)

 First time being SO worn out that she fell asleep upright in my arms like this. Thanks to long, fun days with cousins!
 Ava's first real fever since we've been home from the hospital was over the 4th of July.  It got up to 102 :( She and I stayed in and slept all day. She really did sleep/nurse practically all day which was good because she was basically over it the next day!

New Teeth
Just after turning 7 months she started cutting her top two teeth.  About a week ago she started getting one on each side of those two and another on the bottom = 7 teeth!
 Hence, she chews on EVERYTHING.  She absolutely loves this mesh teething thing that I put frozen fruit in (and watermelon!).

 While being sick and traveling so much I wasn't feeding her real food as much as I had previously but we are back into the full swing of it to get her full throughout the day to keep her asleep at night!  Squash is still her favorite, but she finally seems to like fruit now too (applesauce).  Before it made her pucker! And no, I'm not feeding her Mike and Ikes.  She likes to crinkle the bag :)

Our (somewhat consistent) Daily Routine
 Wake up!! This was her within a minute of waking up at Devin's parent's house.  She was sleeping in bed next to me because she would cry every time I tried to stop nursing and lay her down in the pack and play during the night.  At home I would've let her cry it out but there were too many sleeping people to wake up there!  As annoyed as I was for the lack of sleep, this face melts my heart :)

Walks: As soon as we've eaten and dressed, we go on a walk in the morning with a neighbor friend.  Ava loves to be outside, especially in her stroller.  Sometimes she falls asleep, which is great because it is right at her naptime and I can just wheel her inside and let her sleep in the stroller.  This is usually when I get some work done.

Chores: I usually try and get some housework done too while she is sleeping like...laundry.  But if she wakes up in the middle of it, then I let her join the fun!  She loves it when I drape clothes over her face when I'm folding.  I love this pic below because it looks like her first "selfie".
Tummy time: Ava still isn't crawling, so I've been trying to give her as much floor time as possible considering she's been in a car so much with all the traveling we've been doing!  After a little while, this is the face I get, haha!

More play: If I have work to do and Ava's awake, I can usually sit her on the couch or the floor with some miscellaneous items (those are her favorite - magazines, car washing sponge, kitchen utensils, the remote) to keep her occupied.  A friend also just gave me some Baby Einstein videos that she really likes!
 Errands: If we have to run an errand, it usually doesn't happen until the afternoon.  Like I said, she loves the miscelleneous items and the turkey baster just so happens to be her favorite.  It travels with us.

 Then daddy comes home!  Ava's been a bit of a momma's girl since she had that fever.  She's really been saying "ma ma ma ma" and leaning for me whenever someone else has her.  Everyone told me this stranger danger phase would come, I just wasn't sure when or how extreme! Ava LOVES Devin though - he can make her laugh like no one else!  As long as I'm near she is happy though.
Bath:  After dinner and playing at night, she takes a bath (still not everyday but...whatever). I just love her little back, especially her shoulder blades and tiny spine.  Cutest thing ever!

Sleep: Then it's off to bed...usually around 10 or 10:30.  Now that we have no upstairs neighbors I am really trying to sleep train her this week.  Night time has proved to be much better than naps - she only cries for like 30 seconds when I lay her down at night.   She is looking so big in that crib!

She has seriously gained the most personality during this month, I think.  She's started throwing her head back when she's mad and "yelling" instead of crying.  But she's also gotten even more giggly and smiley and we just love her to pieces!

Although this has been the longest post ever, I do have to note that in this last month we had a cat.  We had him for about 2 days, then went to Declo and came home to find that he had peed on our bed while we were gone (even though he was totally litter trained).  Back to the neighbor he went :(  Ava loved him though - farewell McGwire! Pin It

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  1. Love reading about your routine, probably mostly because I feel like ours is so messed up right now. Hopefully we can get some consistency soon! Cute baby though, as always. Love the story about the cat.