August 8, 2013

Ava 8 1/2 months old

If you're my friend on Facebook, you've seen these pics already but I still just have to share:
excuse the morning drool :)
We've sure got a roller on our hands!
     I can't leave her anywhere on her back without her ending up on her tummy within about 30 seconds.  Especially while changing her diaper.  I feel like I'm wrestling an alligator to get her diaper velcro tabs snug without her rolling out of the diaper before I get the other one attached. 
    She is very close to crawling, but her favorite thing is trying to climb! Too bad the couch doesn't have anything to grab on to (slippery leather that doesn't have cushion edges) or she'd but standing along that all day.  When I sit her down she is usually on her tummy within a couple minutes because she leans forward and gets one knee up and then leans forward more and ends up toppling to her tummy.  Can't wait til both knees are out and tummy is off the ground, aka crawling! Actually, I really can wait. She's getting too big!
     She's also a total mimicker.  If she's looking at us and we repeatedly open and shut our mouth, she'll do the same.  Or say ma ma ma...She also LOVES fake coughing. It's the silliest thing. When she's upset and then gets her way, she'll transition her cry to laugh/happiness by doing this forced cough-laugh and she loves it when I do it back.  We can go back and forth for quite a while and usually end up in giggles :)
    She is obsessed with seeing other kids/babies - she gets SO excited.  Also dogs. She loves any doll or toy with a face on it so I think I am going to try making her a little fabric doll here soon.  Her toy box is a mixture of random things from around the house but I am slowly adding actual baby toys and she does love the colorful things that make noise or have pieces that she can spin, etc.  Sometimes she'll dump her whole toy box out and play with the plastic tub instead :) 
    She has gotten less scared of loud noises like the blender, vacuum, and bath faucet.  She loves her bath time and now gets really impatient if I am sitting on the edge of the bathtub with her waiting for the water to fill up.  Now I set her in the tub while it fills and she sticks her arms/hands under the running water :)  She loves to be in any kind of water for that matter, thank goodness it's summer!
     Her routine bath time has mostly been because she gets so messy throughout the day. She's eating lots of green beans, yogurt, and cheerios (Still learning to pick these little guys up with her thumb and index finger and get it into her mouth!).  She'll also eat anything that comes in those travel pouches.  I accidentally got some that were for 12 months and up, I"m guessing because of the flavors, but she loved them!  She likes anything salty too.  I pureed a can of green beans that had salt added and one that didn't and she devoured the ones that had salt and wouldn't touch the ones without!  Takes after her mom on that one!
      Ava is sleeping through the night like a champ.  She caught on to sleep training soon after the first night!  Nap times are still kinda hard - I can't always put her down without her crying for 5 minutes or so.  But she's usually so tired by night time that she is happy to be put down for sleep.   

I can't get over how happy she is in the mornings, usually.  It's my favorite time of day with her.
Laying on the bed in (my) Grandma McDowell's old room, next to a big window.  Thank you beautiful lighting!
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  1. Beautiful baby! I love the drool! Isn't it wonderful what good lighting can do to your photos? Jeez, I wish I had good lighting in my house!

  2. So adorable! I love hearing about her latest stages and steps. Awesome that she is sleeping through the night!!