May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 | Rafting Part 1

^^Not a great picture, but I love how much they look alike in this pic. She's a daddy's girl for sure.


Beautiful scenery along the river!

A friend of ours used to be a river guide in Colorado and was nice enough to invite us up to raft the Payette River with them this weekend.  I watched the little girls on Saturday while they did a nice long run down the river.  It was pretty funny to see everyone layering up before getting in the cold river, the high was only about 60 degrees that day!
Tyne made a super yummy chicken salad sandwich lunch for us all to eat before they headed down another stretch of the river.  Luckily, the sun came out during lunch to dry everyone off and made the next stretch of rafting a bit more enjoyable!  The second stretch that they did was a lot shorter, so Tyne shuttled with me.  We drove to the spot where we could watch them do what's called the "Staircase" run, which has class IV rapids! See below:
 They had a blast on that run and Patrick is a great guide!

For those of you looking for a story where Devin "almost dies" - that will be in Part 2
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