May 28, 2013

May madness

I've had a pretty long blogging break, but that's what happens when in one month you:
-start working 20hrs a week instead of 10 (only for the month of May, thank goodness)
-take family photos for some friends and have so much fun that you use every spare minute editing said photos and using them to learn how your photoshop program works. I feel like I know how to do so much now!
-play in a softball league with a practice and a game every week. So fun, we've won two games-Devin is an awesome pitcher and I got brave and tried catcher last week and actually liked it. 
-your husband goes on camping trips and instead of blogging/watching a movie, etc you decide to clean/organize the house. Only to tear it up the next morning looking for a binky-very important. 
-convince your husband that Mother's Day is something to be celebrated all weekend long (we checked out Boise's farmers market) 
-decided to start feeding solids to Ava and trying out a bottle here and there (successful!)
-and last but not least, we've had a teething baby on our hands who is rather clingy and kind of cranky. Her 6 month post will include tooth photos! 

This post was really done so that I don't have to play TOO much catch up and I can post about our rafting trip we just had :)
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