April 2, 2013

Date Night

I know I haven't even posted about Easter yet but we had a fun, kind of spur of the moment date night last night thanks to Race and Emma who babysat and an awesome Groupon I've been wanting to use. It was so fun to have some time to ourselves so I wanted to document before I forget!  There's a movie theatre in Nampa right by the Ashby's house that plays movies that have been out for a while at a cheaper rate and the best part is-they serve you meals while you watch your movie! The theatre is set up with long tables in front of the seating and horizontal isles between the tables and the next row of seats in front of you so you feel nice and spread out from everyone in the theatre with lots of room to get in and out. Not to mention, the food they serve is delicious! At least, it got really good reviews and I loved the chicken ranch pizza with bacon that I got. Devin got pork nachos which came with lots of yummy toppings but he said the meat wasn't his favorite and nachos are kind of hard to eat in the dark haha. Anyway, the place is called Northern Lights Cinema Grill and I hope to go back again!

Better yet, Ava was great while we left her.  She played with Holland for a little while - aka - laid on the floor smiling and then fell asleep until we got home!  Score! Thanks a bunch Race and Emma!  Swapping babysitting for date nights is a great idea :) Pin It


  1. Fun! There was a theater like that in Texas and we took the kids to see Megamind. Eating in the dark is kinda weird but it was way fun. Also, we had brilliant friends in Philly who organized babysitting groups for date nights. One of our groups had 6 families (10 kids 2 & under); so for one night of absolute crazy (and lots of movies), we got 5 kidless date nights. You just rotate around. We do it out here with 2 other families so it's a little less crazy but you also have to babysit every 3rd week. I like that we save so much money on sitters though, totally worth it!

    1. That is sooo nice! I just hope it wasn't a fluke that she was so good for them so we can make it a regular thing :)